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So I saw this comment and I wanted to try it so I'm posting this on 4 communities.

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Name: Shade (smith)

Age: 15

Race: Time Lord (little bit human)

Story: I accidentally came from a parallel universe, where I am the daughter of the 10th Doctor, in this universe. There is no way back for me.

Personality: sociopathic, mysterious, clever, smart but sometimes also funny and friendly

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Updating Profile
Name: Sierra Tyler
Age: 17
Species: Half-Human Half-Timelord
Home planet: Alternate Earth(You know, where the Doctor LEFT Rose!)
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun, creative, tomboy, sarcastic, nerd
Likes: Books, black, Doctor, traveling, notebooks
Dislikes: People
Bio: Been traveling since a kid with the Doctor. When grew older, went to Gallifrey to get own Tardis.
Other: Daughter of Rose Tyler and the Doctor(Ten)

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Omg i want this Tardis ring i thought about i posting thus while watching Doctor Who on Netflix

((Open)) i don't know where I am and I can't see anything else then forest-stuff hello? Is anybody there?

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Join plz?
Guyz share tis community
We are losing many members :(
If u share this 20x to the other communities ill make u moderator

Open +Teionnah Mathis

Opens cell and calls the Princess

Name: Aero.
Age: 18
Species: human
Home planet: earth
Gender: male
Personality: cheery charismatic and very optimistic
Likes: cheese danish, music and exploring new places
Dislikes: boring things, silence.
Bio: A small town kid you after high school became a somewhat popular DJ. He lives in the city now really wishing he could see more of the world.
Other: he has a strange "thing" that causes his eyes to glow blue. So he wears a pair of sunglasses at all times. his hair is blue as well.
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