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“Prospects Within Oct. 13, 2017 To Nov. 2, 2017” – astrological predictions by Vishal Aksh

Thank You for creating such a good site and working for noble cause.

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“Mundane Astrological Predictions Given Three Years Before By Vishal Aksh Fulfilled” – an article written by Vishal Aksh

Wonders of Vedic Jyotish- A Complete System Of Predictions

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Anyone intending to get his horoscope analysed by me on professional basis through research work should fill this Contact Form:

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“Historic Decisions Of Indian Courts” – an article written by Vishal Aksh

[Historic Decisions Of Indian Courts Exist In Mundane Astrological Predictions Given By Vishal Aksh]

[Mars Transit Of Kark Rashi (Sidereal Cancer) {From Jul. 11, 2017 To Aug. 27, 2017} Occurring In Tula Lagna (Sidereal Libra Ascends) In New Delhi The National Capital Of India Increases The Diginity Of Respected Courts Of India]

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“Prospects Within Aug. 27, 2017 To Oct. 13, 2017” – astrological predictions by Vishal Aksh

Mars’s Simh Rashi (Sidereal Leo) Transit Occurs In Kanya Lagna (Sidereal Virgo Ascends) In New Delhi The National Capital Of India

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“Jalapralay Or Water Devastation 2017” – an article written by Vishal Aksh

The Occurrence of Jalapralay or Water Devastation Exists In The Mundane Astrological Predictions Given By Vishal Aksh

{Mars’s Kark Rashi (Sidereal Cancer Transit) [From Jul. 11, 2017 To Aug. 27, 2017] Occurs In Tula Lagna (Sidereal Libra Ascends) In New Delhi The National Capital Of India}

(1) This article written by me is about the fulfilled Mundane Astrological Prediction given by me on the basis of my understandings of Vedic Jyotish.

(2) Those fulfilled Mundane Astrological Predictions were given by me on through research works on Vedic Jyotish.

Stay blessed
Vishal Aksh

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“The Ruling Deities Of Dashmansh” – an article written by Vishal Aksh

(1) This article written by me explains the very cause of its construction and an insightful article to every research minded and spiritual astrologer.

(2) The article also contained with the rare knowledge of Vedic Devta (Vedic Deities) governing every Dashmansh of 3⁰

(3) This article written by me gives the true order of the Vedic Deities ruling the Dashmansh.

Stay blessed
Vishal Aksh

The hell exists in the space far above our earth, which can be seen only by the grace of God

The hell exists in the space far above our earth, which can be seen only by the grace of God. The reason is that the souls embedded in the energetic bodies reaching hell for punishments and the divine administration staff including the entire hell is made of energy, which has frequency far above the reachable frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. The concept of hell will give some control on the sin, which is very much advantageous to anybody. If the faith on the existence of the hell shades away, your future will be very serious and I assuredly tell all of you about this point.

You may argue that I cannot take you into the space and show the existence of the hell to you. But, at the same time you cannot also take Me into this infinite space up to its boundary and show Me the non-existence of the hell. In such case, the hell may exist or may not exist. Both the options have equal probability. In such case, a wise person will select the probability of lesser risk, which is to believe the existence of hell. If you are careful in not doing the sins, based on your faith in the existence of hell, nothing is lost even if the hell is absent. If you take other option to disbelieve the existence of hell and go on doing the sins, you are lost if the hell exists. Therefore, the first option is always far better than the second one. You need not believe that much only whatever is seen by you. Inference is also an authority of the knowledge in which you believe in the existence of something, which is not seen by you. The miracles exhibited by the devotees in this world prove the existence of unimaginable areas.

The Veda says that the past memory of the hell or previous birth is nipped off with the nails of God (Paraanchi Khaani...). This means that the memory in us is lost by the will of God only. The reason is that if the memory of the hell remains, the individual will just shiver with fear and will be unable to do anything or even to read the scripture. This is not desirable to God, who likes the soul to start a fresh life forgetting all the past and achieve not only the worldly goals but also spiritual goals. Similarly, if the memory of the previous births exists in the mind of the human being, such a human being will utterly confuse due to millions of family bonds that appear whenever it goes out of the house.

In such a confusion, the human being will become mad and the same situation of inactivity results. Hence, everything set-up by God has its own meaning and do not criticize God in hasty manner. A passenger suffering with heat in summer came under a huge Neem tree to rest for some time. He thought that God is foolish because the huge tree is having tiny fruits where as the tender pumpkin creeper is loaded with very big fruits. Thinking like this, he slept for some time. He awoke after some time and found the tiny fruits, which have fallen on him from the tree. Then he realized his mistake thinking that he was foolish where as God is very wise. If the huge tree has proportionally huge fruits, his head should have been broken by the fruits, which are fallen on him! Therefore, patience must be the first quality of the spiritual knowledge as said by Shankara (Shamadamaadi...).

These supernatural worlds are in the imaginable domain being in the creation, but, are involved with the will of God or unimaginable domain since these worlds can never be found through any instrument even in the future scientific research of humanity. These worlds are in the intermediate place between the upper unimaginable domain and the lower imaginable domain. These worlds are invisible even to the future scientific equipments of future humanity. They are invisible to the humanity not because of the high frequency of energy of these words and their energetic beings. If it is so, there is a hope that these worlds may become visible to the advanced instruments in future. The reason of their invisibility is not due to the high value of their frequency, but, is due to the superior frequency due to the will of God.

Such superiority is due to the unimaginable power of God and not due to high value of the frequency of the energy. If these worlds exist in the lower imaginable domain itself, the inter distance can be travelled by the advanced vehicles. In such case, you can never attain the ultimate abode of God in Brundavanam village on this earth itself. The unimaginable power involved with these supernatural worlds makes them different from the physically existing countries on the earth. In such case only, the ultimate abode of God geographically present in the top most space can exactly come down to the earth. This is not the case of mere similarity, but, this is the case of exact transfer of the top most world to the earth without any disturbance to the already existing top most world or abode of energetic incarnation of God.

States of God, Angels & Human beings

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Shri Veena Datta asked: Please explain the God and souls in three states

Swami replied: The unimaginable God is always in one state and there is no effect of any state on Him. He is always omniscient observing the entire creation. To be omniscient He need not be omnipresent. Without being omnipresent, He can be omniscient due to His omnipotence. If one requires to be omnipresent to become omniscient, such a seer is bound by logic. God is beyond logic and anything is possible for Him due to omnipotence. God beyond the world is in isolated state. God may exist in energetic incarnation or Human incarnation. Whether God is mediated or non-mediated, the above explained state of God does not change in anyway.

In the case of souls in energetic bodies, there is no sleep due to absence of materialized nervous system, which needs rest. Their worlds are made of items made of energy. Apart from energetic items, materialized items are also seen by them. Hence, the states of dream and awakening are one and the same for them. They also have limited capacity of seeing and can see only limited number of objects. But, their capacity of seeing is far higher than that of human beings. Neither they nor their worlds can be seen by human beings. There is no deep sleep at all.

In the case of human beings, all the three states exist. In the awaken state, a limited part of the materialized world containing items of matter and energy are seen. They can’t see the souls in energetic bodies or their energetic worlds. In dream state, the imaginary world made of energy is controlled by subconscious state. Sometimes, some memories from general consciousness stored in memory also enter the dream as items made of energy only. Due to the materialized nervous system, which takes rest in deep sleep, the awareness or seer disappears since the process of knowing itself disappears. If you limit the word ‘soul’ to awareness only, the soul disappeared in deep sleep. If you use the word ‘soul’ to the awareness and its container (gross body), the inert gross body exists as a part of the soul. The seer disappears when the process of seeing stops. The soul in dream state takes an energetic body similar to gross body. In deep sleep, there is neither the soul nor its energetic body. But, its gross body exists.

In energetic or human incarnations, God will be in the above first explained state. The energetic being or human being contains the same soul (awareness), which exists separately in its own above explained states as per the time of the state. The most important point is that the seer and process of seeing are one and the same since there is no seer without the process of seeing. Similarly, knower disappears when the process of knowing disappears in the deep sleep. Knower or subject and the process of knowing or work (verb) stand as the meanings for the single word ‘awareness’. You need not mix God and soul to interfere in their natural states even in the incarnation. Of course, depending upon the need of the hour, the soul gains necessary power transmitted by the God into it. Then, the soul exhibits the miraculous powers attained from the amalgamated God. Monism and dualism happen as per the will of God only in the incarnation.

The unimaginable power of the miracle exhibited by human being component of human incarnation belongs to the unimaginable God component only. When sugar dissolves in water, the sweetness of the water belongs to sugar molecules only and not to the water molecules. The knowledge of this point will certainly reduce the repulsion between common media in the case of incarnation. For devotees, monism is beneficial in which the water should be believed as sweet. Dualism is beneficial for the devotees suffering with jealousy and also for the welfare of the human being component by avoiding ego.
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