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OWNER Is here. So they're might be some changes coming to pokemon Rp. Okay?

It's sad when a community used to be alive and vibrant now it's dead...

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Name: Amanda
Age: 14
Class: Coordinator
Ribbons: Five
Hometown: Cherrygrove City
Pokemon: Typhlosion (Shiny, Female), Mismagius (Female), Quagsire (Female), Staraptor (Male), Ampharos (Male, Can Mega), Heracross (Male, Can Mega)
Likes: Playing with Pokemon and Friends, Music.
Dislikes: Chocolate, Poison-Type Pokemon, Bullies.
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Sorry been busy lately

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Name: Kai
Level: 3
Species: baby kangaskhan
Gender: male
Likes: berries, kangaskhans, and other Pokemon that are small
Dislikes: pokeballs, trainers, and bigger Pokemon that are not kangaskhans
Bio: ???
Wild: yes

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Name: Jenna
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team:
(Gym leader)
Goodra (shiny)
Garchomp (mega)

(Non Gym leader)
Cresselia (shiny)
Sceptile (mega)
Position: Gym leader if I'm allowed.
Gym type: Dragon
Hair Color: Brown with a few blond highlights
Eye color: Blue
Favorite Color: Aqua
Likes: Dragon types, playing with Pokemon, battling
Dislikes: Bullies/mean people, Bug types, 
I dunno what else to put

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[RP Character Update and Re-make]

Name: Tet Skyline
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hometown: Born in Kalos
Appearance: Blond hair, with vivid orange with brown eyes, black jeans with boots, whit button shirt with his sleeves rolled up and a tie, a black jacket with a hoody and a one year pierced.   
Personality: Tet is optimistic, her try his best to find a solution to every problem, loves to make new friends. At first he may be shy but after you get to know him he will open up. Tet is very artistic and creative so in battle he can be very unpredictable. 
Hobbiess: Photography, drawing, swimming, rock and tree claiming, cooking, training, and going to small markets and festivals.
Likes:  Pokémon’s (obviously) , making new friends, helping both people and Pokémon’s, drawing and photography, a good Pokémon battle, food, exploring, and adventures.
Dislikes:  Bullies (both People and Pokémon), cleaning the dishes, people that are cocky, other people eating his food.
Pokémon Team:
Arcanine (male): Flame Charge, Ember, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam
Buizel (male): Water Pulse, Sonic Boom, Surf, Swift
Ralts (Shinny female): Confusion, Psychic, Hypnosis, Protect.
Sableye (male): Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Dig, Slash
Pidgeot (female): Quick Attack, Hurricane, Fly, Aerial Ace [My Pidgeot can Mega-Evolve with Pidgeotite]
Bio and Pokémon team back story:  Tet was born in the Kalos regain, he was raised by his mom and his father died hean he was a little baby. His mom is a Pokemon ranger as well as was his father so when he grew up he wanted to become a pokemon ranger as well. His first pokemon was Growlithe (aka Piro) and he had it before he was allowed to have a pokemon of his own so basically it was his mom's, when he got old enough he did not wanted a starters pokemon and took Piro as his starters. After many training Piro evolve in to an Arcanine. He then went one his journey and got a Sableye that he rescued in a cave from Team Rocket and then aske him to join his team. Tet also has a Pidgeot that he raised since it was a Pidgey, and then when it got strong enough they both went on a journey to get the Pidgeotite so that it may Mega- Evolve. As for Buizle, Tet had adopted Buizle after a trainer had abandon it, Tet saw that Buizle was special and had a joyful character so he wanted to have a spirited pokemon in his team, also Buizle is very loving so he felt like Tet was his best friend so he followed Tet and they became best of friends. The Shiny Ralts that  goes by the name of Eclipse was a Ralts that Tet had found recently  on the road, apparently Tet's mom had something to do with it, because Tet' mom has a Gardevoir that told this Eclipse to find Tet for Tet was going to help Eclipse grow strong and become brave.
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how is this community?

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Name: Wolf (mainly cause if she opens her mouth she has a set of fangs)
Age: 19
Occupation: Pokemon Ranger (Google it if you don't know :P)
Partner pokemon: gallade & gardevoir
Styler: Fine Styler
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