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Welcome! Please post a hello with agent name, level, and area/s of play.

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How do I move?

Hi all! I'm cococorey (L16). I mostly play in west LA, but pop up elsewhere from time to time!

Hello everyone . Forgot I was already in here

Cookie23, level 16 playing the Northeast corner of Orange County, CA. I also roam throughout CA, particularly the Fresno and Sonoma areas.

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Hello agent WyAneBrady...(eddie). Level 8. Riverside.
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Welcome +ed aldama​, aka Agent WyAneBrady. Introduce yourselves. Take a look around for helpful links.

Welcome +Ruben Ochoa​ to the game and more importantly, The Resistance. Introduce yourself with you Agent name, level, and area of play. Take a look around for helpful information. Good luck and have fun out there!

Welcome +Debra Perkins​. One more member of the illustrious Perkins family to join The Resistance! Introduce yourself and your area of play. Take a look around the Community page for helpful information. Based on where you are, we can try to help find you a local community. Enjoy!
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