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No spam,sexual posts or banning unless owner and needed. OK so here is another community of mine. I want you to enjoy it, but I will have 5 mods for now checking around to see if anyone is being bad OK? You only get 4 warnings, then ta-da your banned so be good okay?

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Cars 3 shall be Darker this time

How far would you go to have your greatest wish granted?

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(( Open RP to Anyone +CFW Brave +Natsu Dragneel +Derrick Valentine, wellcome to the Coast Grand Prix, choos your Drivers and Get Ready to Burn Up the Track, there will be Power Ups! Good Luck and Drive Fast ))

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Rythm Red from Cyber Formula, Time to RACE!!!!

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The Best Songs to keep our Hearts Racing

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Nick Paul wheeler
6'0.8 | 185cm
172 lbs | 78kg
Fun dude,sometimes dark and brooding,a fair racer and awesome
Chicane and carbide
Nick Paul wheeler was a kid back then in his young age with his mom and dad. He was looking for becoming the next greatest racer in the age of 10. Facing in his new life nick Gave up. He abandoned his parents when he was 12 then when he was 14 he got his car.

((Car profile))
400 HP
Mid engine set-up 6.5 liter DOCH
[general specification]
Lightened chassis with carbon fiber body
18" black Crome front wheels / 22" back wheels one-piece window.
Super light and super fast this mid engine rocket is built for speed, style, and stability
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