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Player 1: Call of Duty
Player 2: Halo 5

Call Of Duty: Yo, i have 22 game you have 0 that why many people like me cause i'm heros! Get this Shit out in my way! I take a gun and you can't say... Any thing about me cause you just stay! Many people play in this game... But no one play in this game every day because it's just the same way! Where's the blood, Where's The Core, Where your floor? Just your game for it's for kids, please, gime! You can be te same game because we're not the Same Way!

Halo 5: you have no eyes, you see the Five? That mean we are revolution, Alright our game make you in the badside, That Nice could kill you with or new gun in the flashlight that why this going to be your last Fight we your old gun that night, Just turn around and i'll make your Skin in asswipe we don't need bass wife we need a good night! We have the gun of generation you have old gun you never see the sun in the creation! You just talk about or first game in the way! I can't just say... Every day! You scare of us that why you talk about that in the whole night! You run et shut up if you want see the sun!

Call of Duty : I can show you what do you not understand ! I will break you and.... I'll make sure you don't have a new gun again! You not my friend that mean it's time for your END! When i'm coming you run! When my army's coming you're gone! You can't make me never see the sun because you done that's mean i won and you forgot you gun you can't take it because you're gone! I have a tank, you don't have a land! You don't have a chance! Sorry man! You will see soon one click and boom!

Halo 5:Why we should run and leave ur gun? We coming over and we done! Cause we have a armor and you have a charmer sorry but that over! You going never, stay alive for ever! We not brother or Gether! I mean we have super gun we has almost done! Your army gone into the sun! Now my friend de going meet again? Because when you death... It's your end!

Black ops: You forgot me that Nice, you going in a blad side, you thinks you can escape ? But don't worry i will make everything alright, you're want to bite or ready for the fight? Because that going to be a long night! Black ops it's best GAME it's not you're FLAME! We not the same so get out in my way! Nobody touching yours mission because they need some more action! Your armor it's pretty Nice but you can't fight! Your tank it's no alright cause you need a bite ! This it's best game ever see! Thanks man to voting for me cause.. You're armor so heavy that will make you fall! That not all are got! You need too say hello cause you're game say halo! Make a explosion in tank, like that you never rank! You have nothing in your hand! That great ! You don't a chance so you fake ! It's time take my gun, give me more cause une shoot and you will never the sun!






Call of Duty Lyrics: +Mikoto Suoh

Halo 5 Lyrcis: +Reiki/Jellal Fernandes

Black ops Lyrics: +Zack Sky

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Name: #MLPGamer13TM
Age: 11
Gender: can't tell
Talent: can Rap very fast

Remember everyone you have to sign up first

Rap battle between Moose and Zee VS. Boowa and Kwala? If so, WHO WILL IN THERE? Just a suggestion...

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+Mario Rodriguz I gotta quiz you! Which one of these girls might be Zee?
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