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Some Rules to be followed by Members:
1. "Debate & History" is for people to discuss any topic for discussions, questions & more but no opinions are welcomed in this category. A look into history at times..!!

2. "Shows & PPV's" should be used to any post related WWE & PPV's, expecially when a particular moment occurs live & if any wants to post on it, then & later also..!!

3. "WWENXT" All the WWE NXT related posts.

4. "Superstars" is for people to discuss upon a particular or only about WWE Superstars.

5. "Diva's" is for people to discuss upon a particular or only about current WWE Divas PG or Non-PG, do place a Warning if it's a total Non-PG.

6. "Mixed" Posts related to both a Superstar & Diva

7. "WWE HOF & Legends" Posts related to WWE Hall of Famers & WWE Legends.

8. "(Re, Pre)-view, Prediction & Podcast" Any organization/group/person running a show/podcast/re,pre-view/prediction/video/interview/blog discussions

9. "Funny or Troll" posts, either through some pic or by words..!!

10."Superstar Videos" WWE Superstars Matches & Promo videos. If Divas are also there in the video, they can also be added

12. "Divas Videos" WWE Divas Matches & Segment videos only. If it's over the top Non-PG, do place a Warning if it's a 'total Non-PG'..!!

13. "WWE WrestleMania", Exclusively only for WrestleMania Matches & moments related posts, no comments & thoughts are entertained in this category..!!

14. "In Memoriam" posts in honor to remember the legacy of Superstars & Legends that has passed away.

15. "Other Videos & Music" Non-WWE related videos & theme songs of any WWE Superstar/Diva/Legend

16. "WWE Games" is for people who wants to posts WWE games related posts even in the case of videos related to it also.

17. "Indies & Other Shows" related to posts which are related to other Pro-Wrestling Companies

18. "WWE Tryout's & Development Signings"

19. Requests for any artwork can be placed but He/She should specify as for whom should do the post for that, "Full Filled by: WWEKOF or by Any" should be mentioned.

20. "Others & Personal" is for category involving He/She personal WWE related thought's, questions & suggestions towards someone in the community.

21. "18+ Only" is exclusively for 18+ contents only, if any wants to place posts with an direct link to the content to be shown(NO Direct image or Videos related are entertained). If any wants to place a content, he/she should place a warning of that particular link to be clicked by & only for 18+ only..!!

Don't just place a pic.. please do tell on what topic it's being placed. NO Wrestling UPDATE website links are encouraged, even posts like "FOLLOW ME AND I'll FOLLOW BACK" or "Like, Share, Comment or Ignore" and SPOILER posts are also not allowed. Still if anyone tries to post such thing, he/she will be removed the community immediately itself..!!

Only a few no. of times the moderators will help in placing the category, but if He/She repeats then serious actions will be taken against them, & if the posts are place in wrong category. Then don't expect the post to be in the community page for a long time..!!

To BAN someone from this community. An individual should place a post(not a poll) regarding the person to be banned, minimum of 25 comments of agreement by other members of the community(moderators cannot vote) should be there.

Note: Disobeying the rules can lead to the removal of the member from the community itself. Regardless of who he/she is known to be or known as.
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Does anybody really give a shit that rey mysterio is coming back?
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Could care less
Yeah rey is the best

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Due to the controversial ending in the WWE Championship Match at Hell In A Cell, who do you think is the winner in your opinion? AJ Styles? Or Samoa Joe?
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AJ Styles pinned Samoa Joe
AJ Styles tapped out and Samoa Joe won

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This kid reaction when Maryse said this is her last day on SmackDown.

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The faces that Corey Graves , Tom Philips , Bryon Saxton made when Aiden English attacked Rusev.

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#16Sep 2018, Match Cards for tonight's WWE Hell In a Cell, taking place from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas:

Pre-Show Kickoff Match: #TheNewDay (c) vs. #Rusev & #AidenEnglish |WWE #Smackdown Tag Team Championship match|

#RandyOrton vs. #JeffHardy |Hell In a Cell #HIAC match|

#RondaRousey (c) vs. #AlexaBliss |WWE #RAW Women's Championship match|

#DanielBryan & #BrieBella vs. #TheMiz & #Maryse

#AJStyles (c) vs. #SamoaJoe |WWE Championship match|

#DolphZiggler & #DrewMcIntyre (c) vs. #DeanAmbrose & WWE Intercontinental Champion #SethRollins |WWE #RAW Tag Team Championship match|

#Charlotte Flair (c) vs. #BeckyLynch |WWE Smackdown Women's Championship match|

#RomanReigns (c) vs. #BraunStrowman cashes in Money In the Bank |Hell In a Cell match for the WWE Universal Title with Spl. Referee: WWE Hall of Famer #MickFoley|

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#16Sep 2018, #WWENXT referee #DrakeWuertz revealed on Twitter that three new female referees were training with the brand this weekend. He tweeted this photo with Yali Sapphire, Aubrey Edwards and Beckie Phillips. Aubrey, who has used the name Gearl Hebner on the indies, actually started with NXT back in the summer. WWE's first full-time referee started back in 2017, Jessika Carr (Kennadi Brink).

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Now we know what Funaki is doing after wrestling.
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