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A pretty impressive selection of Call Of Cthulhu titles in my local bookshop... not cheap though, the soft cover core book is 5,800 yen. 
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One of the most popular things i posted was a sheet of character portraits i did for COC so here is original plus 3 new ones - will try and get some more types of people

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An Unpublished Gem—A review of SP8 The Sea Cave, a scenario published by Chaosium, Inc. as part of The Old School RQ Source Pack for use with RuneQuest: Classic Edition.

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"...awesome action movie fun with a beautifully realized Lovecraftian back drop... Chaosium have put together a marvellous globe trotting tale of monster filled, paranoia inducing, world ending mayhem." reviews The Two-Headed Serpent

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Good news for British and European RuneQuest fans - we now have copies of RuneQuest Classic edition available from our UK warehouse!

Order here for local shipping: 

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The Derelict was Chaosium's Free RPG Day item last year. You can still download the PDF for free from the Cult of Chaos at And we've made the physical book available for only USD$2.99 (at cost) from Lulu:

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To all members of the Chaosium tribe, here's the deal about purchasing products direct from our website,

—All products come with the PDF included in the price

—If the PDF is released first, you'll get the full price of the PDF off as a discount when the print version comes out

—We have stock in three warehouses around the world (USA, UK and Australia), saving you time and money on shipping

—Get it first! New releases will always appear on our website before they become available in game stores or elsewhere. And some items—such as the Guide to Glorantha Slipcase edition— are exclusives! save your SAN, embrace chaos - order direct from us!

Sign up to our Ab Chaos newsletter and never miss out when new products are released:

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"Not just a dungeon crawl, but THE dungeon crawl... the genius of Snake Pipe Hollow is how it all fits together"

Bud reviews a classic (and there are all-new SPH adventures in the works for the new edition of RuneQuest!)

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Chaosium will be back for Free RPG Day 2017, and upping our sponsorship level too - we have just sent in the forms!
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