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Quite happy to tell all of my friends that The First Trillionaire is ranking 3 among bestsellers fiction in Crossword Bookstores Ltd. See the top row in fig below

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Book Review : 'The First Trillionaire' by Sapna Jha and translated by Alok Jha
' The First Trillionaire ' by Sapna Jha is
an interesting one. Not only does it have equal shares of tragedy, love, crime,
business and determination, but it tells the story of one person whose resolve,
it is to become the world’s first trillionaire. It spa...

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Thank u

Thank you for invition

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"Have I ever lied to you before? Why would I start now?"

"You underestimate what I can do to you when I have all your little secrets that you hold in your brain there, don't worry though, I'll find them all out soon enough."

"The truth in my hands is a deadly weapon, so don't break the Law so that I'm not forced to find out the truth, about you that is."

Theme (On duty):

Theme(Off duty):

Name: Jack "Zatz" Halberd

Nicknames: The devil in a suit, The Negotiator, The Grass.

Age: 27



Personality:Quiet, Truthful, Loyal to the force, Logical, careful, trustworthy, persuasive, Keeps to himself, Very intelligent, Large temper, Tea and Scotch lover, friendly, Hardworker, Traditional, Good listener, confident, responsible, respectful.

Skills: If an investigation is at a close he can use all evidence acquired to quickly deduce a crime scene in his head and how it all happened, he can use this in the court to find a contradiction to a suspects testimony and so forth. He has a good aim much like the SWAT team and is very logical, He can persuade even the toughest of nuts during his negotiations in either a hostage situation or other times, he is quite quick as well so he can chase and grab someone if they are interrupting his work.

Ethnic group: White or in other terms, Caucasian

Zodiac Sign:Libra

Beliefs:He believes that nothing but the truth should come through in court and outside court, if nothing else it is the most respected and most feared and so he can use it as a weapon in most cases, either against the mafias or sole criminal and can be a very dangerous man with the truth in his hands.

Partners/Relationships: He has no partner in work but is currently looking for one to help him in his work of investigating and more, like a detective. In relationships he has a few with either his co workers, neighbors or people in courts such as defense attorneys, Jurors, Judges and Bailiffs.

Enemies: His only enemies are criminals and the Mafias, he seems to hate how all the Mafias act as if they own the police or everybody in general due to his background however this means that Jack will do anything possible to take them down either in court or outside.....In a legal way.

Department/Division: Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal services.

Rank: Deputy Procurator Fiscal (Third promotion of being a prosecutor or procurator If I'm correct.)

Appearance: Usually wears a Black Business vest with a long sleeved white shirt and a Black tie, Also Black Jeans with Oxford shoes and black socks, he wears black leather gloves when Investigating and driving and using a gun and has a pair of shades on whenever he can. He is a slightly tanned white man with black hair and green eyes with a tint of orange in the centre and has a height of 6'1 and a weight of 156 Lbs and is slightly above average build.

Weapons: Whenever he is on duty he usually carries a semi auto glock with red dot, extended mag and a suppressor for whenever he might be in danger. Also he carries a cane when he's off duty for defense. 

Likes: Tea, whisky, Chess, truth, most of his co-workers, getting a guilty verdict in court when he knows the absolute truth, investigating, deducing, finding evidence, The K9 Unit, History, music, His job in general, friends, Reading.

Dislikes: Criminals, using a gun, The Mafias, Crime, No evidence, a suspect getting away, forged evidence, Serial killers.

Bio: Jack was a usual boy who's journey began at 14 as he parents split he stayed with his mother until she was killed and he went with his father who at the time was a defense attorney. One day he went into court to watch his father in action and was Disgusted as the evidence piled against a suspect but was proven not guilty as his father showed the truth, Later that night Jack was taught for several years what it takes to be a defense attorney and soon he entered university. However he picked to become a procurator as it meant much more easier methods of finding the truth and setting criminals in jail. He was taught in Scotland and England in Uni's like Glasgow, Oxford and London before he was eventually accepted in the Crown office and Procurator Fiscal services where he worked for maximum of 3 years before becoming a deputy Procurator Fiscal. Now his life was at the maximum as he was called upon in a different country to represent the British Law and to show how work was supposed to be done, however he had to spend one year to be Taught the laws of where he was going and eventually he succeeded. As he entered the Police station at the age of 26 he had a long way before finishing his job and so he began to put to work the way of a Deputy Procurator Fiscal, using his days and nights to deduce Ways of which criminals could do things and often offering those who would take it to play chess with them to push his logical reasoning. Now he is usually seen either at the station, a crime scene or at his house, usually continuing his work, but be warned, Jack isn't a person to annoy as he can find out the truth about you by finding all of your misplaced and forgotten evidence so don't anger him and don't break the law while he's on watch.

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Name: Sxarconius Draxius 

Nicknames: Sxar (Pronounced: Sar), Draxius, The Hunter of the Cursed.

Age: 164 (looks roughly 24)

Species: fully vampire.

Nationality: Scottish

Height: 6'1

Weight: 156 Lbs

Eye colour: A golden Orange

Hair colour: A grey/silver

Hair style: A Flat but Bed head style as well.

Clothing/Armour: Black Trench coat with a Fedora and a business vest under that, but under all those clothes is kevlar armour with a titanium and aluminium alloy. I wear black shades and black Business trousers and a Pair of black smart shoes and Leather gloves.

Work: Hellsing organisation.

Weapons/powers: Teleportation, telekinesis, M1014 Shotgun with grip/Red dot and normal barrel with mercury tipped,blessed silver bullets of a high caliber, Hunting rifle with 6X scope and a strap with the same bullets as the shotgun. CQC, Blood magic, necromancy.

Weakness: Pyro magic, Light, Flame, Day, Psychics, Blessed bullets. 

Partner: Nobody

Gender: Male

Quotes: 'You dare endanger Hellsing and its people, you will suffer my Bullets."

"Burn in my Unholy Presence You scoundrel!"

Likes:  peace, quietness, destruction, bullets, killing vamps and ghouls, whisky and blood, night, Chess, Weapons, Logic, Strategy, teamwork, comparisons, Magic.

Dislikes: water, sun, Section 13, unfairness, Most Magics, Blades, Holiness, Ghouls, uncontrollable vampires, Section 13, people annoying him, people getting in his way, the army getting in his way.

Personality: Quiet, loyal, Stubborn, deadly, smart, Logical, A lone wolf in most cases, Just, dangerous, Viscous, Polite, Peaceful person, Large temper, Can sound insane but your just annoying him.

Bio: Born in mid 18 century and turned in the late 18 century, his master was a strange vampire as he teleport and uses telekinesis but that all ended when his master was killed by section 13 which caused his hate towards section 13, however in his master dying breath he gave Sxar all his powers and freed him. He then joined Hellsing in order to fight section 13 but in most cases has been seen protecting the manor and its occupants and so he gained the name 'The Hunter of the Cursed.'  During his reign he had killed many and seemed to have gained the ability of Blood magic which in all seriousness had boosted his power considerably which intimidated and forced fear on all whom came upon him.

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(Open, Aggressive,, Theme for Setting:
I enter Serpent's head with info that an enemy spy of sorts has entered the city in course for info of high order, My mission is to find and eliminate this spy with a minimum contact to him, I am to use any means necessary bsut must do it stealthily, As I enter The area of where I heard the spy was last seen I begin investigating for any evidence or clues to where he is.
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