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Watch this! its verry inspirational!
BTW Its Ryan Neal

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This is what happens when all the bullies with big egos get the idea in peoples heads that they're not good enough. This girl, Ana, told her friend that she'd never be as good as the popular girls. She starts to believe it, and this is what happens.

come on guys for once im standing up for how we deserve to be treated we deserve better than all this suffering .it doesn't matter  wat sexuality ,race, gender, or wat problems you have. but the time is now where we stand up and do wat we should have dont from the start and i don't care who sees this, but this is also an apology to Dakota Rivera i know i acted like a total jerk yesterday im sorry for everything i said and if we cant be together lets be friends.  this is the start of a new society and new community and a new way of life plz and everyone out there that are told they dont matter you do  matter you always have guys read this plz im trying all i can t go back to the old me i just need all my friends help im doing this for Dakota im posting this publicly im done if i get made fun of i know i still have you Dakota :) this is also to all my friends i love you all you are all amazing im sorry for all the bull shit ive started since i met you guys plz forgive me do you know how many people have killed them selves because of bullies to many 

Hey!! Check this out, everyone!!
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