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Upon joining, please do the following:
‣Read over our Rules
‣Read Category Posting
‣Post an introduction
All of this is located in the last category titled "Community Info."


If you ever need assistance, these are the staff members you can contact:

Our admins are:
‣Dakota Angrian

Our mods are:
‣Jenny (primary)
‣Makar (primary)
‣Storm (wolfdoggo)


Upon joining, all members are required to post an introduction to allow others to be able to get to know them.
When creating your introduction, please include the following:
‣Your preferred name and personal pronouns (this does not have to include your legal name)
‣Your theriotype(s)/kintype(s)
‣Why you identify as said theriotype(s)/kintype(s)
‣A little bit about your awakening
‣Additional information about you (hobbies, likes, religious beliefs, etc.)
Please understand that introduction posts are prone to questions. Do not get offended by questions, but understand that these are a natural part of joining this community. 



How should I treat others within the community?
‣All members are expected to treat others with respect and consideration. All opinions are respected here, but make sure to keep your opinions respectful as well.
‣Respectful names and pronouns should be used at all times.
‣Disrespect towards one for their beliefs, opinions, or kintype will not be tolerated at any time.
‣Fighting or rude behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes offensive sarcasm, or offensive discussion.
‣Pack/Group Ranks do not apply within this community, this is an area to learn and seek advice.
‣Racist, homophobic or transphobic behavior is not tolerated.

How should I act within the community?
‣Create an introduction immediately upon joining.
‣Do not spam, troll, or roleplay within the Therian/Otherkin Community.
‣Do not post any immature, explicit, or inappropriate content.
‣Profanity is prohibited.
‣Use correct grammar, punctuation and capitalization at all times. 
‣Do not advertise excessively.
‣Keep all information and posts relevant to otherkinity & related identities.
‣Do not make unrealistic claims if you do not have the proof to supply them.
‣Do not create any call-out or complaint posts. If you have an issue, please bring it up with a staff member.
Do not share personal information that could infringe upon your safety within the community.

What about sharing things/activities?
‣Keep all posts placed in the correct categories.
‣You are always welcomed to share any information, videos, links, books, etc.
‣If you wish to sponsor an activity such as a contest/game, contact an Admin beforehand, and create a post. All members are allowed to create an activity.

What do the admins/mods do? 
‣The admins/mods are members who watch over the community and make sure that all rules are followed.
‣They are members you should come to for the following:
     ◦Information or advice
     ◦If you see someone breaking the rules
     ◦If a problem arises within you and another member, or between two other members
     ◦If you have a concern, idea, or question, about the Community
     ◦And more! They are always here to assist you.

What do I do if I see someone breaking the rules?
‣Contact an admin/mod
Flag the post! We cannot stress this enough. It doesn't matter how slight the disturbance is, you are encouraged to flag the post. An admin will be able to see this post, and then directly handle it.

What can happen if I fail to oblige by the rules?
‣Any posts that are not acceptable will be removed
‣You will be talked to by an admin/mod discussing what has occurred. Please check your Google Hangouts regularly to ensure that we are able to contact you.
‣You will be banned from the Community for a specific amount of time
‣You will be permanently removed from the group

Staff members reserve the right to remove any content or ban users which they believe is in violation of our guidelines, or negatively impact the welfare of the community. Staff members are not obligated to provide explanations for termination, but may choose to do so as a courtesy. If you feel that something was handled unfairly, please contact an admin.

These Rules can change at any time, so, please keep watch of this post. Thank you for following our Rules!


What is Category Posting? Within the Therian/Otherkin Community, we have multiple different categories to help keep topics to other topics of similar content. This makes it easier to read through our Community, and to learn information. Below is a list of what posts belong where. Posts that are in the wrong category can be moved. If you find that you accidentally placed a post in the wrong category, feel free to contact an admin to have this changed.

We have the following Categories:

All Posts: This is where you can view every post made within the Community, regardless of their category.
Community Information: This is where all information regarding the community standards and laws go.
Member Introductions: This is where all member Introduction posts are made.
Discussion & Debates: This is where you can post topics for discussions and/or debates.
Information & Articles: This is where you can share all informative matter such as articles, videos, books, games, etc.
Questions: This is where you can post any therian/otherkin related questions you may have.
Therian Specific Discussion: This is where all therian specific related content can go.
Otherkin Specific Discussion: This is where all otherkin specific related content can go.
Fictionkin Specific Discussion: This is where all fictionkin specific related content can go.
Other-hearted & Synpath Specific Discussion: This is where all other-hearted & synpath specific related content can go.
Personal Experiences: This is where you can share any and all of your personal experiences. If you wish to have a nonrelated therian/otherkin post, this also goes here.
Advertisement: This is where all advertisements go.
Fun: This is where all fun topics can be shared. These can be activities, or ideas, that you may wish to share with the others in the community.
Contests/Games: This is where all information, updates, and entries for games/contests within the Community will be posted.
Art/Literature: This is where all therian/otherkin related art or literature goes.


Thank you for joining therian/otherkin! I am always available if you need assistance.
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Regarding your kin type....

Has anything changed? Is there something new or added?

I had visions of the desert and the canyons. I also had several signs about it for the past few months.....

I figured that I have lived there in my past life but I still do not know much yet...

Hey Guys, Cupelix here. I don't really know how to start off. Well, I'm a grey wolf. My name is Cupelix, Cupe for short //Kew-pe-lix// (idk). I remember a few memories about my past life of being a wolf. Many people think I'm not a therian, but I don't care, I know who I am. My hobbies, well I don't really have any except games and music. I love working and still in school (19 yrs old here soon). I am looking for friends, family, pack, and my soul mate. I am bi and also genderfluid. My beliefs, well I believe in a higher power, a God. Not like Christianity or anything like that, its hard to explain. I believe there is a God and youre put through several lives to face challenges and to find your purpose. Once you have completed both, you will enter a life just like so called heaven to be happy forever, or hell to suffer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I dont bite... that hard ;w;

I can feel my therian sterring because its almost halloween the time of the spirits are most powerful

my friend yesterday poked my ribs and I yelped from reaction and she looked at me and said you really are a wolf I laughed and said your my mute it didn't take affensive.
she said I needed fur I told her I use to

I have long thick dark brown hair
my therian is a reddish brown wolf with light gold eyes

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Does your kintype have a large community? Online or offline?
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One of a kind, actually

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Here’s a funny thing about me: whenever I hear a bird chirping, I will just fixate on wherever the sound came from trying to find the bird like “Where is the bird.... I will find the bird...”
it’s a little distracting sometimes when my cat mode kicks in

What is your favorite piece of kin art? (feel free to post your own or as many as you like ) this is not for a contest, just interested in what art works kin admire. I will be using this for a project I'm working on at the moment.

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Does your kintype have it's own language? What's it called?
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Yes, and I can speak it
Yes, but I can't speak it
Not sure
It's a extinct language
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