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In my last vlog for the week I rant a little bit about the differences between Genre and Play Style.

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Updates to my real-time-watch-everyone-roll-and-move-things-around online dice rolling app Roll For Your Party:

* Now supports open (ie not hidden) playing card draws (no jokers though)
* Safety Tools! Buttons for using +John Stavropoulos​' X-Card and +Brie Sheldon​'s Script Change tools
* Double click already rolled dice to reroll them
* Set a background image (great for maps or play mats)
* See totals of last rolled dice and of all dice on the table

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Dropping today's vlog a bit early since I'll be filming at the time I've been dropping them. Anyways today I talk about the New D&D Beyond service and if you've been thinking about using it this is one you should watch right away.

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I found Events. For anyone looking for Events, this link has instructions on how to find them. However, I found something even more interesting. I found someone who I think works at Google, and is all excited about the changes that have been screwing us over. Someone who, in this post said,:

"As always, please let us know what you think by replying to this thread or using the ‘Send Feedback’ option on web or in-app."

Let's innundate his thread by telling him just what we think of the changes. I mentioned the loss of apps like Dicestream in my comment.

Also, while I don't normally do this, in order to maximize this thread's exposure, I'm going to be cross posting this in every gaming community of which I'm a member, so I apologize in advance to anyone I annoy with this.

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To kick Things off last night I dropped both my D&D 5E vid and my Savage Worlds vid early. check them out below and if you like what you see subscribe and share to help spread this new video content.

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Pretty big update about the blog, but also the new streaming schedule for my 5E game now called D&D: Legacies

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So I made a thing...

It's a dice roller that creates a custom URL for your "room." You can then send that to the friends you are playing with and you can all watch/use the same dice at the same time... You can move the dice around real-time, group them, delete some or all of them, reroll some of them, etc. (It should make playing games like Dogs in the Vineyard and In A Wicked Age easier...)

It is still very much in beta, so if you run into issues, take a look at to see if your problem is there, and if not log it!

If you get some use out of the site please consider making a donation to

Happy rolling!

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For those of you old enough to have chosen your own path as a Kai Lord of Sommerlund with the Lone Wolf book series, this one's for you!
This week's 5-minute review is for the impressive Lone Wolf Adventure game from Cubicle 7 Entertainment and the original author of the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' series of the same name, Joe Dever. It not only evokes the feeling of those first adventures written so long ago, but offers a fast and fun system explore a vibrant world. Well done!

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Any one want to try Barbarians of Lemuria on Fantasy Grounds?
Fantasy Grounds - Barbarians of Lemuria (any setting), Fri 28 or Sat 29 July, UK Evening (GMT+1)

Anyone interested in a one shot in Fantasy Grounds, either tonight or tomorrow night. Happy to run in Lemuria, Hyboria, Weird West, WW2, Space Opera...
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