C.S.A assault on Cantorlot has finally ended, with the C.S.A now controlling it, and have captured princess Luna. She is signing a peace treaty with the C.S.A at this very moment. The almost newly formed N.E.E ( NEW EQUESTRIAN EMPIRE), to be disbanded and broken up between the C.S.E and her allies in this conflict. The casualty's from the C.S.E and allies number in almost 67,000 troop's, while the S.R.S, and N.E.E suffering around 70-80,000 troops lost. " We may still be at a state of war with the S.R.S unless it's leaders come to terms of our nation's existence, and our power as a more global nation." President Buckhorn stated on national television last night. The occupation of the newly Captured N.E.E is just beginning.All land that the former N.E.E owned is now under C.S.A occupation until further notice.

Breaking News:
-SRS leaves Equestria with a Socialist Equestrian State in the West.
-SRS Imperial Forces collapse as Civil War Breaks Out.
-"Dealing in the matters with Equestria and it's own civil wars were mistakes I regret continuing, now our histories and nations lay as wrecks and financially crippled" - Chancellor Ireland.
-Reparations Impossible Claim SRS Officials as Karkin value rapidly deteriorates.
-Equestria to succeed with its own merits.
-Many new and oppressed nations formed.
-War Crimes Impossible during international chaos.

Breaking News:
-Socialist Republic of Sentinis (And Associated States) Merged all it's gains into a single land mass known as "Sentinis Socialist Imperial Republic"
-Byzstabletine Empire and other allies forcibly annexed or made puppet states
-YakYakistan Massacre Discovered
-SSIR born on instability, vulnerable if failures pile.

-Western Equestria flying Tri-Headed Serpent Flag of SSIR.
-Western Equestria devastated from war
-C.S.E supporters humiliating death footage mailed to C.S.E Ministry of Defence.

-Biological and Chemical Weapons to be linked to recent power rise for the Sentinis.
-Necromancy used to limit losses of SSIR soldiers, necromantic soldiers of their enemies.

Video Footage Shown:

Military Council above an array of soldiers

Head of Council: Following a recent attack we have concluded that this world should be made for the citizens, not their overlords. We shall liberate them all, no matter the cost. Once Equestria Falls, once Princess Luna, Princess Twilight, Princess Cadence and the President named Buckhorn (+Timelord 1912​) the world will accept the new order, a world where no one has to fear war, the capitalist disadvantage or absolute monarchy dictatorship. No one will fear the anarchist movement, the corporate world, the need to suffer debt to heal and work again. No one will fear those who watch over them as it will be done so social freedom and security will be achieved. The only afraid will be those who fear state economic ownership will collapse their exploitation monopolies.

News Broadcast in Homosap Republics:

Governor Bat: Greetings. Today the thestrals, Byzstabletine and Sentinis forces have reclaimed the majority of Homosap recognized land. If the final states surrender no more violence will have to come from this, what remains of your land will be able to function with adequate autonomy.

Operation Atlantis Launch:

Invasion from the ocean West of Equestrian Peninsula.

On board the SCS (Sentinis Citizens Ship) Dawnhoof.

Me: Today we begin the most daring mission our nation will face, the invasion of the Confederate States Controlled Californeigha. Hooviets have already landed in the more dense population areas. Every pony, Griffon, Humanoid and Dragon here and forever demands a victory. Once Equestria accepts our new order the world will once again for those who deserve it, with no further conflict to threaten us.
Now! To your stations and start your assault. No mercy to opposition.

Breaking News:
-Chemical Weapons Fail To Hit President Buckhorn (+Timelord 1912​). Meeting the weapons were to be dropped on ended early. 45 dead and more still injured in attack

-Taunting Posters Of C.S.E and Crystal Empire Spldiers Taken Prisoner Dropped On Locations Neighbouring Hollyhoof. Two crashed planes outside military bases also hold them.

-Appleloosan Freedom Fighters Sent On Walk Of Shame As Refugees To Equestria, Allowing For SRS Troops In The Region To Begin With A Second Front Invasion.

-Information Recovered Speaks Of Bat Pony (Thestral SR) Invasion Of The Crystal Empire.

the c.s.e is leading a full scale assault on the solor ( new Equestrian empire) to stop a long bloody war in all territories. the assault means that all 2-3 million C.S.E enlisted forces will attack the already surrounded capital. all citizens in the city and a 40 mile radius has 2 days to evacuate to safer homes in refugees camps in any country. General "stonewall" Applejack will be leading our forces from the south, while General Lee will lead our forces from the east. our Allie the crystal empire will attack with more then half there forces from the north, and west. while at home to protect us from invaders the national guard will guard our borders. we plied to our former allies to join us for we have intercepted messages that once we are defeated the solor empire will attack all remaining countries to make on super country to rule the world under the lead of Princess's luna, and twilight. so again we plead all countries to help out war effortto make shore this nevers happen. that is all

only 2 divisions of C.S.E soldiers remain away from our entrenched positions around the new Equestrian empire. they are stationed over seas and will be stuck there. not only has the national guard defended our borders, but citizens using any gun they have, have started defending there homes and our borders. small groups of C.S.E soldiers have made there way into the capital of the N.E.E and have begun conventional gourala warfare on N.E.E troops.most of the n.e.e's troops are fighting elsewhere in other parts of the world or some of its small bordering countries in which have just declared independence and have been recognized by the c.s.e. refuges from the n.e.e capital are saying that the n.e.e are planing on enslaving the citizens of the c.s.e if they win the war. this is direct orders from princess Luna her self. however princess Twilight sparkle is leading on of the newly formed countries on the n.e.e's borders to stop this from happening. as she has started " if we let the n.e.e win then we might as well being living under the rule of king sombra again. slaver was abolished for a reason, now Luna plans to return it to our lands? trust me i want the war to end i really do, but this is no longer a war for countries freedom, but for freedom of pony, griffin, and humanoid alike." after stated this Princess Twilight, and her new country have agreed to help the c.s.e in there war effort as well. her country named The Kingdom Of Friendship or K.FS for short. this is all the news we have for now.

plane and a Thestral division swoop over a Fillydelphia residential area.

Thestrals: (to pilot) drop the bomb here

Chemical weapon deployed

plane flies off from where it came.

bomb detonates

Pilot: Target Down. Returning to Base.

-Conglomeration of States Acts Too Late
--CoS Declaration of War on SRS comes after Thestral SR joins SRS.
-Kingdom of Equestria not responding to SRS deals
-Byzstabletum Empire enters Allegiance with SRS to fend of Saddle Arabian Invasion.
-Hooviet National Poisons Prolific Generals of the C.S.E: two dead.

SRS Broadcast to the world:
-"It is now or never, we Unite the planet or it will fall into anarchy. We shall never be able to fix this world should we fall, this is our only chance to fix Equuis. Otherwise the democratics will breed division, family values will falter, nothing will be agreed on. The citizens should only lose for detrimental acts. Split we are weak, as one no gap is left for degradation to start in. Support the citizens who wish to end our division, make your home part of the 'Sole State Bloc' today. Make our planet one, be the generation to end the barriers that divide us."
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