A SGU time and place was recorded by one of the SG-1 team and one of the more radical scientific SGA team members takes the puddle-jumper time-machine with supplies and equipment along with the translated repair and construction manuals for the Destiny team to discover

The international community gets curious so it is decided that Atlantis should be flown wo replace the destroyed Midway Space Station

SG-1 is exploring and find a hard disc bearing the SGU logo near the DHD on one of their missions containing calculations on where the next disc can be found

some aboard the Destiny realise the ships tasking has changed then tries to get back to Earth but are stuck when they realise that the Destiny has moved on and taking all the iris code devices with it and running low on radio batteries

The spacecraft Destiny suddenly changes it's own programming and returns to the Pegisus and Milkyway galaxies to replace the Stargates that Dr Mc kay swiped to make the gate bridge

Humanoid replicators and bug type replicators fight it out.......

although communications still are not good the construction and repair manuals of Destiny are found in the Atlantis Database
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