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Hi Nerf Club!

I've approved a lot of requests to join this group and I hope that translates into new players and new members! For those new to the club, let me give you a short description of what we're all about.

We meet on Monday afternoons when the weather is good (usually March-November, but it depends). We should be starting quite soon, and I'll make a post when we decide on a starting date. We also need to decide on a meeting time but it will probably be something like 4-6pm. Again, when we (the admins) get this sorted I will make a post with all this information. We meet downtown.

We have a bunch of different game types (we call them 'modes'). They are all contained in a gdoc, which for now is private. Comment or message me and I'll invite you in. Most of our game modes are fairly straightforward, though we do have a class system that should be memorized by anyone looking to join, as we like to apply it to a lot of games.

Generally speaking, we allow all kinds of Nerf weapons, but we do have some restrictions. Boffer weapons (foam swords and the like) in particular need to pass an inspection to be used at Nerf Club. We don't want anyone getting hurt. Rules for boffer construction are also in the gdoc, so again, just let me know if you want to look at that. We usually don't allow melee weapons made by Nerf because they are too rigid and hurt a lot.

We are a very casual organization for the most part, though we do try our best to keep everything running smoothly and keep things safe and fun, as well as offering new and interesting game modes to mix things up. We are community-oriented, so newcomers to Nerf and foam veterans are all welcome, but expect a casual level of play in general. We do play hard though, and our games are very competitive, so we have a suggested age range of 16+, and we hope you're comfortable doing a lot of sustained running, because that is a staple of Nerf!

As I said, we're starting soon, so if you want to join us, comment on this post or message me and I'll get you up to speed!



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I need everyone to please read this and respond on the other page ASAP.
It has just become a very probable possibility that I will no longer have mondays off from work, and in the event that this happens, I need to know if there is another day (don't say fridays or saturdays, cuz that's impossible for me to take off) that works for everyone...
Unfortunately, I have no control over this happening, and I'm not sure what good will come from pleading my case tomorrow.
Hopefully I can get some answers from you guys, as a group, before I have to talk to my boss.

Hey guys, I've been trying to get people moved over to the new page for a while now. push the issue, I will not be posting updates on this page anymore. Please join the Warzone Ithaca page if you would like to stay active and updated with the nerf club.
I will bump the post so that a link will be available.

The rain has taken our fun away yet again.
No Nerf this week due to off and on rain today.

Just wanted to let all of you know that a member of ithaca nerf club took first place as a human tonight at the unity college HvZ.
Thanks for the skills

It's supposed to rain the next 2 mondays. Let people know not to be surprised if Nerf is canceled.

Looks like good weather for tomorrow! Hope everyone can make it!

Nerf is still on for today, but we will be starting a little later than normal, as I have to wait for Christopher to get home from school.
See you all soon!

New nerf gun i know its small but i wanted to let you guys know

With the temperature forecast now ranging between 48 and 55 degrees during our normal play time, and only one responder to the "okay playing in the cold" post, last night, I will be opting to cancel Nerf.
Hopefully we can see some better conditions/more interest next week.
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