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Check out Destiny Revealed, the fantasy adventure that one reviewer calls "the next up and coming Harry Potter and Percy Jackson"

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Take a look at the stuff Richard Levesque is offering this week.  Dead Man's Hand and Unfinished Business look like great books.

Just the type of strange stuff I like to read when I'm not digging into sword and sorcery type fantasies.
It's my anniversary this week. Sort of. Two years ago this Friday, I released my first novel. So I'm celebrating by offering free and discounted books all week. Today and tomorrow, you can get a copy of The Girl at the End of the World for FREE and BOTH Ace Stubble novellas FREE for the whole week. Please feel free to share to help spread the word. Thanks!

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Bad Wolf by Tim McGregor

If you are tired of werewolves stories where the beast is portrayed as cute and cuddle, then you should take a look at Bad Wolf.

Bad Wolf is the story of two cops and the twisted homicide they get stuck with. This isn’t a drive by or a knifing. It’s the grisly remains of a mutilated and devoured corpse.

It’s the first day in homicide division for Detective Lara Mendes and she got stuck with a pain in the butt partner that no one else wants and a murder that is as good as unsolvable. Her week doesn’t really get much better after that.

Great book and definitely worth the 4 stars it has on Amazon.

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The Witching House by +Brian Moreland

I first learned about this book from a post in the Horror Inc community. (thanks to +Paula Pinto  for the original share) As I’ve been looking for ideas that would fit into a Dresden or Monster Hunter International RPG, this story caught my attention.

Summary from Amazon.
Some houses should be left alone.

In 1972, twenty-five people were brutally murdered in one of the bloodiest massacres in Texas history. The mystery of who committed the killings remains unsolved.

Forty years later, Sarah Donovan is dating an exciting man, Dean Stratton. Sarah’s scared of just about everything—heights, tight places, the dark—but today she must confront all her fears, as she joins Dean and another couple on an exploring adventure. The old abandoned Blevins House, the scene of the gruesome massacre, is rumored to be haunted.

The two couples are about to discover the mysterious house has been waiting all these years, craving fresh prey. And down in the cellar they will encounter a monstrous creature that hungers for more than just human flesh.

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+Brendan S originally shared this link.  Dark Ages: Vampire  is currently freet at

A lot of folks love the White Wolf games. If you have never had a chance to try one, you might want to take a look at this.  Even if you never play the game, you might enjoy the read.

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For a limited time you can get the Bundle of Holding, A collection of five books by some great authors who work in the gaming industry. The bundle starts at $4.95. You can increase the amount you pay, and if you pay at least the current threshold amount (which is around $11.00) you’ll get an additional five books added to the bundle. Ten percent of the payments are donated to charity.

This is a great way to pick up some fun books by some fantastic authors.

I love playing Minecraft and Skyrim. Skyrim was actually an inspiration in one of my latest books. Who else here loves Minecraft?

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Tamed by Douglas R. Brown

Tamed is the story of a boy and a pet. Well sort of. The boy isn’t a boy any more and the pet was a werewolf. Scratch that. Tamed is the story of a paramedic who discovers the secret behind the new pet craze. She has one bad day at work that completely changes her life and the life of her friends. It is also the story of a megalomaniac who will go to any lengths for wealth and power.

The Werehouse has discovered a way to capture, train and prevent shape changing of werewolves. They call them Wergs. They sell these domesticated creatures for hundreds of thousands of dollars as the perfect home companion, or as gladiators in the highly illegal and underground werg fights.

It is a nice twist on an old story without falling into the touchy feely monster stories that seem to keep being made into movies.

It is the type of story that would fit into a supernatural, urban fantasy game setting, but with a little tweaking could be used in any setting. Start by taking members of an intelligent race that the players would empathize with, then changes them into something else that can be sold as a “super service creature.” Have an accident or two to get the players interest and let them follow the clues to uncover the truth. Would your players try to take over the business or shut it down?

Douglas R. Brown is also the author of the The Light of Epertase trilogy.

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Since I talked about The Bastard Cadre Series last month it seems more than appropriate to mention this.  Lee Carlon will be giving away book 1 and 2 to anyone signs up for his newsletter.

I just started book 3 last night and it was hard to put down. The story keep getting better with each new book in the series.
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