Thank you for excepting me. I'm period to be a party of your page. #LetsGoPittsburgh

We're 1-1. After the first half against the Browns, we looked great. It was 27-3, and as i predicted, the browns came back and we had to rely on suisham to kick a game winner. Now, against baltimore, we looked terrible. The whole team did. The defense was shaky as always, and the offense looked horrible. Big ben did very average and he missed some easy passes. We could only muster 2 field goals, resulting in a 26-6 loss. Ike Taylor is a joke. Why he is even still on our team is a problem and we need to cut him shortly. He never makes plays and he is always causing stupid penalties that cost us yards. He looks at the receiver instead of the ball and when it does come to him, he drops an easy interception. He did this near the goalline against cleveland. Polamalu was great, and he is a first ballot hall-of-famer, but lets be honest. He's old and he's not the same player that he used to be. He never makes the same impact plays that he used to and he is just too slow. Our situation with our secondary is a problem and for whatever reason, we have failed to fix it over the years. I foresee at best, an 8-8 record, and at worst, 6-10. Our team is depleted. We are old, we are slow, and overall, we are not as effective and intimidating as we once were. We need to understand where our team is headed and get used to it. I don't expect as much from them now as I did in the past. Now, we do obviously have some very important players. Big ben of course is great, and he will be a hall-of-famer one day. Antonio brown is money, and he is slowly but surely becoming one of the best receivers in the NFL. Le'Veon Bell has shown great signs of improvement and his shiftiness is wicked at times. Markus Wheaton thus far has shown he can be a solid two receiver. Ryan Shazier is young and unproven but I think that he'll become a bonafide linebacker one day. We have other solid pieces, but overall, our team has gone downhill for the most part. I have learned to accept it, and I just hope for a better rest of the season.

Who's upset with their team's performance so far, and who is satisfied?
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