can anyone tell me how to rename or remove photo albums in Things which is at the top in google + ?? 

I actually have a couple of questions if the community would please help. When you share a picture on G+ or even if you have your own web site then...

A) What is the maximum size that you think is good. Of course you don't want your work stolen but it has to be large enough that it still looks good?

B) What is the largest without a giant copy write across the face?

C) I almost never see a giant copy write across the face of pictures any more. It that still a good idea. It does take away from the picture, but makes it harder to steal. Does it really matter for an unknown person/photographer?

I love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you,

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Which design is good?
① (left) or ② (right), please vote for either better.
Since the reference, thank you.



Both of the design is good?
① (left) or ② (right), please vote for either better.
Since the reference, thank you.
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Can someone make the background of this picture transparent and then send it to me?

Hey guys
I'm looking to buy a wide-angle lens for my Sony A7 (ILCE-7) but I'm getting super confused by all the lens specs.
The Sony A7 has a 35mm Full Frame sensor.

I currently have this lens

The wide-angle lens Sony recommends on their website is this one

If I understand correctly, that "wide" angle lens will be pretty much useless because on my 35mm Full Frame camera it will effectively be 24mm. Which is only slightly wider than my existing lens (28-70mm.)

Or, am I reading the specs wrong?
Any help would be great.

Why my photos are not being seen in this community?

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Just joined I've been shooting on and off for 60+ years and just getting into HDR

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Fish vision... ????
(trying the underwater camera-Fujifilm-Xp55)
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