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Full Name: Yuuta Nakagawa
Usual Name : People call me Yuu-kun
Age: 17
Species: vampire
Personality: I am a very easy going guy. Don't want to do much and waste my energy. If I don't have to do it I won't do it. But if I had to do it I will do it in no time. I find everything other than sleeping just plain annoying. I am a slacker. But I am quite intelligent and very observant. I look out for my friends. I can give my life for my friends. They are my comrades and I won't ever leave them.
Gender: I am a male
Sexuality: I am straight. Thought I am not looking for anyone. Just happy with myself for the moment.
Description on looks: I am a natural redhead. As I am a vampire, my skin is rather pale and very cold. Nobody wants to touch this very pale and cold skinned body. I am always wearing this special warm black school uniform with a white a shirt under it. Black synthetic comfy pants with them too. Eyes are a bit of a mixture of orange and red. But to hide my identity I wear brown contacts.
Bio: Precisely 159 years ago there was a great war. The war between the humans, the werewolves, the demons and the vampires. The war was to decide who gets the control of the world. The battle was dangerous and very horrifying. Several men, werewolves, vampires and demon got killed in this holy but bloody war. My mother was a human and she was a pretty determined warrior. Over coming every obstacles put in her way. On the other hand my dad was a vampire. A vicious, smart, sharp one. But he was too lazy to do anything. He really found everything annoying. But he always liked the humans. He grew very close to them. And later in that year he met my mother. He fall in love with her. They loved each other so much that this can't be described in words. The war continued. My dad changed sides with the humans. As a smart general he demolished the other sides in the battle.
The humans at last won the war and they became the ruler of the world.
The demon clan were sealed within a different world. But the vampires and the werewolves signed a treaty along with the humans. Every thing was at peace.
Soon I was born on the 13th full moon of a year..
Later that day a werewolf and a vampire attacked my mom and dad. My mom was able to save me from them but my dad wasn't that lucky. They slaughtered him mercilessly. Soon they captured my mother who was turned into a vampire while giving birth.. She left me on the foot steps of an orphanage in the Futaba region of Japan.

Unaware of my true identity for the past 13 years in my life, I spent my life peacefully and happily with the other kids at the orphanage. But one day it all changed. When a man in a black hood and orange cape came to me and said the history behind my life.I didn't believe in that at first, but as time went by I start to understand everything. I witnessed the unknown world that had been kept away from me.
The man who saved me from this while lie was my dad's best friend Natsu. He trained me. He enrolled me in a high school. He keeps my identity hidden. I have been training with him to avenge my parents' death. I will bring down the whole volturi which the clan of the vampires and the Akatsuki, the werewolf community who is responsible for my parents' death.
Occupation: I work at a cafe as my part-time job.
Weapons: I like to use two swords. I excel in the art of two sword fighting.
I also use a special knife. The knife has a very special power. If one of cut by it and I taste the blood. Then if I cut give myself pain by cutting my body with it, then the person got injured by it will feel the triple amount of pain. But it takes some time and very careful planning.
I have a bow and arrow too. But don't like to use them.
But my main weapon in my arsenal is my brain. I can make up a good strategy and plans within just moments and can execute them pretty easily.
Powers: I have two special powers as gifts. I can steal someone's senses by my special venom. I can use the poison by my hands only. It's very dangerous.
The second gift that I have is a shield. I can project it with my two eyes. The shield can be extend by me. If someone is having pain by a physiological pain then I can suppress them by the shield. It's really useful in the battle.
Likes: I like to make new friends in my new school. After being ask alone for the past few years, I want to be around people who will accept me as who I am.
I like to spend my time by training and learning new fighting styles. I like to learn jiu jutsu and kick boxing especially.
I like to eat all kinds of things. But I don't drink human blood. I am a vegetarian when it comes to blood.
Dislikes: I don't like people who pick on weak, I hate them. I will fight for the ones who can't defend themselves.
I absolutely for sure don't like to get betrayed by anyone. That's why I don't trust people. And I don't like that about myself.
I am 17 and I have stopped aging. So every year I have to go through the same exact things all over again. The down sides of being a vampire.
Goal in life: My only goal in my life is to hunt down the people who conspired against my parents. I will avenge them and make them proud of me.


Name: Shu Uchiha.

Age: I have seen 16 springs in my lifetime yet. ( 16 years of age)

Spirit energy element: Fire and lightning..

Spirit weapon: My spirit energy can make me a Jiant Susanoo and a big Shuriken made of fire. But there is hint of lightning fusioned with it..

Like: I am a pretty laid back guy. So I like to sleep and save energy.. I like reading books. They give me pleasure.I also like to watch movies. Love spending some time with my one and only true friend.. Like school life.

Dislike: There are many things that I dislike.I hate to get up early in the morning. As I am lazy.
I don't like bullies.I hate seeing a friend cry because of a bully. If a friend ask me about helping me. I will surely help me.. I don't like to fight someone when he is unarmed.. And there is many more.

Special ability: I can use voids of people.

History:I was a shinobi. Life was easy after the war.. It was peaceful. I was given a mission in that time. As an S rank Shinobi, the mission was successful. When I was returning to home, kosunagakure a portal opened. Then I was put into a modern age. Everything here was very weird and chaotic. But I learned to change myself and live in peace.

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I just wanna break the rule.
I don't wanna go to school๏ปฟ
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