West Midlands group is growing steadily but getting people to return even on a semi-regular basis is tough. How have other people dealt with this issue? I'd be interested to know.

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OMG Launches tonight in Carpenders Park

We have our first Offline Mentoring Group session this evening starting at the Perk Coffee Shop.

6 Link4Business members all coming together to provide peer support and mentoring to each other... going to be a great session!

More about OMG's below...

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Dec 2016 - SW Herts District Newsletter out

The SW Herts District Newsletter is now out for December... lots going on in the district so take a gander...

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Community in Action ~ CIA

Great conversation with Mark Barrett and Ros Lucas about their project " ... and beyond" something that perhaps could be introduced into every community that we belong too...

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OMG's Underway finally

Last week 9th November the long awaited OMG's got launched with +Nikki Pepper ... this one was a virtual one... but there are some physical ones coming too...

Thanks to +Ian Milton for his blog post about his first experience... 

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Link4Business Newsletter

The November Link4Business a Newsletter is out and there are so many things happening... Please take a read...

Town Business Clubs... Looking for leaders

Online / Offline Mentoring Groups starting and now incorporated as part of Link4Businesz

.... Much much more... Please read!

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SW Herts November 2016 Newsletter

All the local news of what has happened in October and what's planned for November... another full month...

3 other dates in addition... all training date for using the L4G SW Herts Community Communications Hub... 9th 23rd and 30th November... 1st two +The Kitchen Croxley the 30th +Reason coffee shop & Bookstore



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Kids Create ~ David Mills

Something very important happened this week... there was the very first Kids Create event. It was brought together by +David Mills and with the support of +linda anderson from +The Kitchen Croxley it consisted of 6 children huddled around a table with David... having fun, laughing, exploring their creativity...

I don't often share local community TV shows but David was a guest in this week #L4GSWHerts #CommunityTV show and just listen to the excitement, passion and purpose behind this amazing character...

The kids are going to create that which we could not... a place where we would love to live in but because of our conditioning are unable to find the way... these kids are not so afflicted...

We might not be able to willingly discard our shackles but let us not lead the next generation into the abyss... let us support and help them to use their creativity and problem solving to build this new kind of world...

We can all take responsibility for this... learn how to start these groups around the country... we need to join together 1,000 independent coffee shops like the Kitchen with adults who want to support this initiative... I encourage all of you to do your bit... contact David and find out more... let's co-create this and make it happen... listen to David below on the show.... his twitter account is @ eduspired

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Online/Offline Mentoring Groups launched as part of Link4Business

Many people got the chance to experience these last year when we did the pilot online versions to see how they worked... we are now launching as part of the Link4Business membership which is brilliant news. They are incredibly powerful tools for moving your business (and yourself) forward ... I will be launching one online between now and Xmas and also a physical one too... if you are interested in either then let me know

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Link4Growth latest blog post ~ 5 tools to serve our communities

Below a blog post to explain how the 5 key Link4Growth services can be used by every aspect of community to raise their profile, increase engagement, participation and support...

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