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Name: Mad Hatter
Age: 20
Gender: female
Likes: drink tea with Alice (+Saki Tsukino​​)
Dislikes: When I don't have tea😠
Personality:Crazy and funny 
Weight: 55kg (in Spain)
Height: 1'65m (in Spain)

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01. ▌ Basic Information⇣⇣
» Name:
Gracie Alice Hatter

» Alias:
[] Alice
[] Gracie

» Age:

» Gender:

» Sexuality:


02. ▌ Physical Details⇣⇣

» Hair Color:
Caramel brown

» Eye Color:
Tangerine orange

» Height:

» Weight:
113 Ib


▌ Biographical Details⇣⇣

» Race:
British, Neverland

» Personality:
Gracie's always been a tough nut to crack. She's despises liars and acts of cruelty do to her past, and despite her tsundere demeanor, the girl's soft at heart. When it comes to her height, she's very sensitive, and hates when others comment on how small she is. All in all, she's fun-loving, playful, and a total outdoors-girl.

» Biography:
Honestly? She'd heard about the legend of Neverland at school. A magical land without time or worries where children could play around all day, every day. To Gracie, this was everything. After growing up around two extremely strict parents who cared about nothing besides her grades, their reputation, and how well she played the violin, well... She started dreaming.

And so, eventually, she abandoned reality and dove down into the sea of dreams, doggy-paddling her way to the shores of Neverland.
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Username: +ᎪᏞᎥᏟᎬ ᏆhᎬ mᎪᎠhᎪᏆᏆᎬᏒ

How Active You Are: 8/10

Experience?: A few roleplay communities, maybe two or three with really strict rules
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