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Name: Snowflower
Previous names: Snowkit, Snowpaw, Snowflower,
Gender: Female
Age: 27 moons
Clan: Crystalclan
Rank: deputy
Likes: Hunting, Rabbits, Squirrels, her clan, peace.

Dislikes: War, bloodshed, disloyalty, lying, lies, 

Personality: Kind, Curious, Mindset, Hard Working, Helpful, Puts her clan before herself, wise, intelligent, thoughtful, forgiving.

Lives: 9/9

Mate: ((open))
Apprentice: ((open))
Kits: closed forever

Hunting: 10/10
Fighting: 8/10
Mentoring: 10/10
Swimming: 5/10
Running: 7/10
Climbing: 9/10
Med Training: 4/10
Leadership Skills: 8/10

Bio: A normal kit, apprentice, and warrior life. But she had a greed to serve her clan even more and worked harder. She earned the rank deputy and hopes for leader. Promising to devote her last breath to her clan.
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