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Name: Thomas MacNeil
Alias: Sharpshooter
age: 20
gender: male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'11
Weapons: Various sniper rifles, SMGs, bows, pistoles, and shotguns.
Preferred weapons set: Primary: M14EBR/Dragnauv SVD; Secondary: Kriss Vector SMG, Sidearm: M9 SD
Skills: highly trained sniper and SF operator. Skilled in tracking, marksmanship, stealth, covert ops, archery and explosives.
Bio: Lone wolf, after a plane crash over the middle east which killed his family and being held prisoner for 3 years, he was recruited into the military at a young age. A sniper prodigy that uses his guns more than his words to do the talking
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you notice that Mulan had been training non stop lately and you know she only does that when she had stuff on her mind

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Name: Mulan
Age: 21
Gender: female
Personality: serious, stern, strong, protective, smart, kind at heart, fearless, focused
Bio: she was in China for most of her life. She just returned to her home in complete chaos. In china, she became a kung fu master. 
Sister: Midnight +Midnight and Rogue
Also, has a brother

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*(Art not mine. Credit to whoever made it.)*

Name: Buck Redfield
Nickname: Black Death, Soul Stealer, Rogue Shadow
Age: 14
Race: Shadow Wolf
Gender: Male
Height: 5.4 feet
Weight: 160
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: Midnight (+Midnight and Rogue​)
Mate: Midnight (+Midnight and Rogue​)
Pups: Kinru (+Aiden williams​), Keiko (TO BE ANNOUNCED)
Siblings: Ripper (Missing), Winter (Missing), Emilia (Missing), Snowflake (Missing)
Personality: Shy, professional assassin (killer), merciless, mysterious, brave, caring, strong, courageous, loner, unnaturally mature for his age, protective, heartless at times
Weapons: 2 hidden blades and hook blades(like in Assassin's Creed), 4 swords, 1 dagger, 2 revolvers, 1 sniper rifle
Likes: Assassins in his guild, blades, honesty, following his guild's orders, friends, people who can stick up for others
Dislikes: Treachery, trolls, killers, abandonment, running from fights, bullies
Strengths: Stealth, silent kills, speed
Power: Stealth
Sword powers: Murasame- Shadow manipulation/Masamune- Lava and fire manipulation/Murumasa- Arcane magic/Makura- Manipulation of Time
Job: Assassin
Rank: Alpha assassin
Assassins in my guild: Ezio, Conner, Altair, Edward (All from Assassin's Creed), Drhiti ( +Darkshadow Thunderclan​​/+Dusty Flora​), Midnight (+Midnight and Rogue​​)
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