Phone: Nexus 6 (shamu)
Rom: Stock and Multirom with Tesla, Purenexus, DU
Xda-name Martend

Battery tweaks, all is good on the performance. But i need more juice.

I delayed a lot, but here it is at last! Among the addition of an uninstaller, sqlite database optimization is included alongside lots of optimizations! Grab 1.2b at the communit description!

Scheduled sqlite databases optimization... hope you can include that...

Phone (for testing): Nokia X
ROM: Stock
XDA Name: veez21

Suggest features here! For as long as shell's powers go, I can see if I can make it.

This is an off-topic chat section. Anything unrelated to Watson goes here.
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NEW USERS: Before sending feedback, please post here your device, ROM and xda name. Only one post per device is allowed for each member.
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how to send logs?
Once a module hás been activated it will generate a log on /etc/Watson/log. Showing the log files, reporting battery usage and screen-on time, are some of the many ways available of helping Watson out. You can also send the output of cat /proc/meminfo.
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