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Hi everyone!
Storytime here and I have some awesome news!

So, a few months ago I posted a drawing for some questions for an ask and dare serie for the fnaf and fnaf 2 animatronics and me, but I dicided to do it on YouTube but than for all the fnaf animatronics and my oc's.

So that means that I need again some questions for it!
If u wanna, pls go ask your question or dare your dare to the animatronics.

So If you wanna check it out, the link is on the end from this blog

Thx to everyone that comment an ask or dare on the video!

So the link to the video is right below this and see ya next time!

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i am a clock

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Fnaf plush: JJ coming soon

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Super FNAF + Mario The Music Box = This

Sorry that I haven't been on in a long while
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