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Daniel was a juvenile he actually went to prison before he even entered the university but he only went for six months but he already follows the don't drop the soap rule normally he showers in the far back. Everyone was nervous to shower because of him you didn't hear of it.

One day you came into the showers and only you and him was in the showers you noticed his glances but choose to ignore it while washing your body you accidentally dropped the soap you bend down to pick it up standing up you felt a towering presents behind you. You hesistated to look back as you seen him.

Daniel: "You dropped the soap?"


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Name: Daniel Reaver
Age: 23
Mental age: 18 because his mind is constantly wrapped around sex
Nationality: He's a mixed Asian and Mexican
Eye color: Light Hazel
Hair color: Black
Body features: He has tattoos along his chest which reads "Prince's Pillow" and along his arm has ancient tattoos
Body type: He has a masculine body

Likes: He likes the feeling of impower, lemonade, cuddling after steamy sex, slow foreplay, neck kissing, soft moans, being shirtless, artsy types, quiet types, sex toys, fruit and short guys
Dislikes: doesn't like being on the bottom unless it's a certain position, Doesn't like onions, loud and forcing types, reality TV, too much noise **that isn't sex noises* , tall guys, punishment and jump scares*
Sexuality: Gay
Position: Seme
Kinks: Into the BDSM, daddy and Prince, bondages, sexual toture, and foreplay
Turn offs: Urine sex and Eating off toes thing

Bio: Daniel grew up with a family where everyone works even he worked when he was 9. The thing is Daniel was troublesome and constantly got into trouble at school. He started cleaning up his act when his mom had a nervous break down over him being this way. He started using his head and started doing better things with his skills. He soon figured out he had grown to the liking of males at the age of 18 and began on the look for a sexual playmate. While trying to spice up his relationship he realized he enjoyed many kinks that involved sex toys, bondages, and the occasional screams of "daddy" driven him to have a bit of a kinky side to himself. Now he's living alone and single with a constant thirst for rough hot sex
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About maiku:"this is Maiku he is 17 he doesn't talk at all he hasn't talked to anyone in his life all he ever did was nod and stayed quiet in school"

How did he find out he was gay:"Once upon a time there was a kid named Maiku and he had a friend but he was so close to him that they were basically brothers that's what the others said but he didn't like him as a brother he liked him as a lover but his friend never knew and he always kept quiet and he regretted it for the rest of his life ...... until he forgot"the end hahaha....yeah sad story

Uke needed 2lines or more if you want no text talk or emojis and if you want we can do it on Hangouts so that way we can text faster..

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"Hi my name is kairi and I'm 16 I don't like to interact with people I kind of think it's useless but anyways I'm a "mystery" that's what my brother says haha.... yeah I'm gay and I'm "single" for now and I like to go out and have a ok time but when it gets boring I leave as always I have a bit of an attitude but you should get used to it...."

Male needed you can do 2lines or more if you want and I'm a Uke and make sure to have a character or a male anime boy ready and no text talk or emojis

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_Is in my dorm working on some projects for the classes as I start to get almost done with them. As I finished, I start to get up and go take a shower for a few minutes, then suddenly I hear the door anyone out there?...starts turn the water off and steps out of the tub and opens the door a little and looks around...then...

((Seme needed))

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Would anyone like to roleplay? I can be sub or dom.
I prefer someone who can do over five lines with decent grammar.

Name: Sephtis Marian Eksyma

Age/Date of Birth: 30, 04/14/87

Gender: Male

Religion: Atheist, with unique beliefs on the afterlife

Species: Human

Nationality: American

Occupation: Alternative healer/Psychiatrist

Physical Appearance

Height: 8’7”

Weight: 270 lbs

Eye Colour: Gray

Hair Colour: Black

Physical Description: Skeletal figure, and everything about him is long and thin. He has several marks on his face that look necrotic, which he hides. He has a hunch due to his height.

Personality, Traits and Abilities

General Overview:

Strengths, Skills and Abilities: He is possessed, and capable of detecting souls(which pinpoints a persons location), teleportation, and healing injury and illness

Weaknesses: Due to his height and figure, he is as fragile as somebody three times his age, and gets tired easily. He has nerve degeneration, osteoporosis, and has heart and lung problems. In addition, his possession makes him more prone to nervous breakdowns and psychosis than the average person.

Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He hopes to continue what he does(providing low-cost alternative healthcare to people without insurance/less income), and find a husband or wife to settle down with

Hobbies and Interests: He is a social person, who attends several clubs(mostly for things like books, sewing, and painting). He also is often seen at the pool, where he uses hydrotherapy to ease his pain

Sexual Orientation: Asexual, Biromantic

Mother/Father: He lost contact with his parents when left home, and lost memory of them when he was possessed. He doesn’t miss them, and wouldn’t want to meet them

Children: His ghost, Jamie Mackenzie(who is 8 years old)

House: He lives in a special apartment modified for his height

Car: He drives a convertible Chevy

Pet: He does not have any pets

Awards/Commendations: He has received a few honours for his work in alternative medicine, as several scans showed that his healing worked

Criminal Record: While he has no criminal record, he could be arrested for his relationship with Jamie, as he is not Jamie’s legal guardian

Medical Record: He has been hospitalized several times due to fainting spells(brought on by excessive head trauma[banging his head against doorways a lot]), and has several prescriptions for arthritis medication, and supplements. He also has been in a 72-hour hold after spiritually-induced breakdowns
Bio: Sephtis was born to a normal, happy family, and was raised an only child. He grew quite quickly, and was 7’5 when he entered high school. He was rejected by his peers, and began to treat himself as no different than his peers in hopes of joining them. This just screwed him up physically, causing a good bit of the problems he deals with. He started experimenting with occult rituals in college, and met Jamie while interning in a hospital shortly after Jamie’s death. Jamie tied himself to Sephtis’ soul, and they started working with each other, Jamie strengthened Sephtis soul so he would feel less pain, and Sephtis raised Jamie as a proper father.

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This is a male x male RP

This is the school of fears.

In this school each student (a personification of a fear) is trained in basic life necessitys. Some go on to attach to a human and work to keep them afraid of something in the humans life. Others (usually the more uncommon fears) work in the world fears. (which is basically the same as our world just filled with phobias)

So this RP takes place at a highschool that teaches us just like our school would with the addition of a class that showed you how to attach and scare people.

I drew my character, the fear are the dark. He is determined to get threw school and attach himself to someone.

Some fears don't stay with one person they change people. For instance my character may haunt a dozen of different children since the fear of the dark.

Hi, I'm new, and I have a question. One of my main characters is asexual homoromantic(still only dating men, but not attracted to them). Is that alright?
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