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Episode 1

My father is a boss of big unstoppable gang. When I was 6 he killed my mom realizing he lost the woman that pleasures him greatly that no other women can't compare to, so he looked at me and notice I have most features of my mom like a perfect round plump ass, soft lips, and sparkling eyes. He decided to train me to be like my mom or maybe better and spent years beating me, insulting me, etc. he always tell me to do squats every morning at the break of dawn to keep my ass plump, and suck on popsicles using my tongue and throat, then testing me by putting his finger in my mouth to see how good I am. He had me practice doing splits to do it perfectly. Now is my 13th birthday and it was time to put all that learned on my very own father. He sits on the couch shirtless looking at me relaxing as I stand in front of him naked nervous and scared.

(Open rp and pp me with your start please.)
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FULL NAME: Sylvester Akioto
NICKNAME: Disease, rat, Sly
GENDER: male
FAVORITE FOOD: anything really
FAVORITE ANIMAL: shiba inu or Egyptian mau
DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: no, terrified of it
SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: thighs and lower back
DESIRED PET: all of them
WHAT ANIMAL WOULD THEY BE: if he could choose; a puppy if not; a sick bird
FEARS: being hated, not being wanted, loved ones dying
COMFORTS: ice cream, soft things, affirmations
LANGUAGES: English, German, can write in mandarin but not speak it
OPINION ON SEX: if it's okay then sure. Always have consent.
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[ Character Information. ]

Name - Coal

Age - Unknown

Mental Age - Around 18- 21

Physical Age - 19

Intellectual Age - 32

Gender - Male

Sexuality - Gay

Astrological Sign - None, birthday is unknown, and he was created, not born

Biological Family - No family

Non-biological Family - No family

Health Issues - None, He's perfect

Mental Issues - None, but he does over think

Occupation - None, he does as he pleases

Significant Other - None so far

Religion - None

Species - Demon

Height - 6 feet 4 inches

Weight - 140 Lbs

Nationality - Hell?

Current Residence - Where ever he can sleep

Blood Type - Blood?

Quotes - "Love bites... but so do I"

[ Physical Appearance. ]

Eye Color - Purplish red

Nose Shape - Slim

Skin Color - White, pail, starch, white, but can change to gray

Facial Hair - None

Body Type - Hour glass

Face Shape - Slim and attractive

Hair Color - White

Hair Length - Just over his eyes

Hairstyle - None, his hair doesn't grow unless he wants it to

Common Clothing - Jeans and a hoodie

Hair Accessories - None

Gloves/Shoes/Purses - Black converse

Identity marks - None

Jewelry - Piercings and earrings

Favourite Jacket/Sweater - None

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Name: Monkey D Luffy

Nickname: Straw Hat

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Likes: Meat, Treasure, Adventure, Namaka, Fun

Dislikes: Marines, Vegetables, People who endanger his nakama

Friends: Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Shanks, Bellmey, Law, many more!

Family: Ace, Sabo, Gramps (garp)

Species: Human

Devil fruit: Gum Gum Fruit

Position preference: Uke

Abilities: Gear 2, Gear 3, Gear 4

Personally: loves to have fun, low intelligence, stubborn, annoying, clingy, loveable, strange

Bio: ever since Shanks saved him from a sea king and gave him his straw hat, he vowed to be pirate king! He's very compassionate for his nakama, stubborn, fun to be around, and very dumb. But he's strong and will never give up on you. He is captain of the straw hat pirates and straw hats grand fleet and wanted for 500 million beli.

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//Character Update
// BASIC //

[ quotes ]

"Sometimes, love is better than hate"

"Don`t leave me....I need you..."

"Anxiety does hurt me, but warmth is better than anything else"

"I just want someone to be there for me when my sanity goes away, so they can comfort me when I trying to restore it...."

[ alias ]
The kid with mental health

[ name ]
Yume Naraka

[ meaning ]
Yume: wizard

[ nickname ]
>Depression Kid
>Orphan Kid
>Anxiety Boy

[ age ]
17 years of age

[ gender ]

[ sexuality ]
(Plays massive uke)

[ relationship ]

[ status ]

[ occupation ]
orphan/student and writer

[ appearance ]
photos below


[ personality ]
Yume is a really depressing kid, he suffers from depression and anxiety, he tries to overcome it by being himself but with no one he knows to love him anymore, he goes through some serious mental issues. He is mostly quiet and shy, afraid to become insane, when he is at his foster home he is respectful and kind to the other children. He is really claustrophobic and shy, but when he is sad, he is more insane then sad, all he wants is someone to treat them with care, love and respect

[ likes ]
>Writing his thoughts down
>Reading books
>going on his phone
>Being kind
>Ice skating

[ dislikes ]
>Mental Breakdowns
>His sanity fading

[ abilities ]

[ skills ]

[ kinks (if have any) ]
>Being calling names
>hickeys (the ones he got from the past)

[ favorites ]
Game: YuGiOh! Trading card game/duel links
Book: The Odyssey
Movie: Fantastic Beasts

[ biography ]

Yume was a boy without parents, his parents died after they were killed in a car crash. He was brought to a foster home at only 1 year of age, but Yume could not remember anything from his 1 year of life, throughout childhood he lived a happy but calm life, until one of his so call friends, brought him somewhere he shouldn`t be, he was only 12 when he was sexually assaulted by a high schooler, he then gained Depression and Anxiety by the age of 14, he tries to live a happy life now since he is 17, but those times, all he wants is someone to take care of him like family, not a student or a stupid lonely orphan

Yume is a really depressing kid, he suffers from depression and anxiety, he tries to overcome it by being himself but with no one he knows to love him anymore, he goes through some serious mental issues. He is mostly quiet and shy, afraid to become insane, when he is at his foster home he is respectful and kind to the other children. He is really claustrophobic and shy, but when he is sad, he is more insane then sad, all he wants is someone to treat them with care, love and respect

[ themes ]



_[ extra ]_
He has a imaginary friend named Shino Yusuke, which was a girl he met in school, she loved him as a friend until she died due to leukemia, so he made her as a imaginary friend, who is a ghost
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“I am alive, immortalized~”


✤ Full Name ✤:
Prince Momo Alex Mayne
✤ Meaning Of Name ✤:
“It means Peach.”
✤ Nickname ✤:
“Prince Peach.”
✤ Reason for nickname ✤:
“Y’know Princess Peach from the Mario franchise? Yeah, that’s where it comes from. It’s so stupid…”
✤ Age ✤:
“Uhh… 118, in human years, 18.”
✤ Gender ✤:
“I’m a male, sweetie~”
✤ Place of Birth ✤:
“When I was first born, it was far off in the kingdom of Yorvaskarr.”
✤ Birthday ✤:
“August 23rd.”
✤ Species/Race ✤:
✤ Ethnicity ✤:
“I’m actually half Welsh, so I guess that’s it?”
✤ Blood Type ✤:
“Technically, my heart isn’t beating but AB-”
✤ Occupation ✤:
“Running a kingdom, but while I’m here I’m a waiter…”
✤ Sexual Orientation ✤:
“Many women have tried to date me but I’m actually gay.”
✤ Social Status ✤:
“I’m a fucking prince, I think I know where that leaves me in the social ladder.”
✤ Relationship Status ✤:
“I’m definitely single, though I’ve been forced to attempt to marry someone.”

* 〖Appearance〗*

✤ Body Build ✤:
✤ Height ✤:
“Last time I checked, 6’5”
✤ Weight ✤:
59 kg
✤ Skin colour ✤:
Pale because there is no blood running through his body.
✤ Hair style ✤:
Rugged, but when he’s at work he puts gel in it and brushes it.
✤ Hair colour ✤:
Faded purple with blue highlights.
✤ Eye colour ✤:
Dark violet with a mix of blue.
✤ Distinguishing Features ✤:
He has a tattoo of a rose with a crown on his left shoulder, for all to see.
✤ Preferred Clothing ✤:
Most of the time, he wears his crown high on his head with a black leather jacket, a white shirt, and ripped jeans with combat boots. Other days, a purple jacket, white shirt, and black jeans.
✤ Accessories ✤:
A rose necklace or his crown.


✤ General health ✤:
His health is quite normal for a vampire.
✤ Posture ✤:
When in his kingdom, he walks with his head held high, back straight, and his chest out. In this town however, he slouches only slightly or just walks around like your average person.
✤ Any physical illnesses? ✤:
A few bruises from a fight in college.
✤ Any mental illnesses? ✤:
Very severe depression, very severe anxiety, and mild PTSD…. Okay, severe PTSD.
✤ Take drugs? ✤:
✤ Smoke? ✤:
“………… Once or twice.”
✤ Alcohol? ✤:
“Special occasions only.”

〖Mental/Emotional State〗

✤ Mental age ✤:
“I act 18, to blend in with those homo sapiens.”
✤ Act before thinking/Think before acting? ✤:
“Think before acting.”


✤ Way of speaking ✤:
“Sometimes, I have a peculiar way of speaking…”
✤ Common conversation starter ✤:
“E-excuse me? I just wanted to tell you that you look lovely today!”
✤ Swears? ✤:


✤ Likes ✤:
- Roses
- His kingdom
- More roses
- Blood loss
- Music
- Entering his mind
- Playing violin
✤ Dislikes ✤:
- Being judged straight away
- Rivals
- Wilting flowers
- His illnesses

- Playing violin
- Listening to music

“I tend to bite my lip when I’m nervous, or I just fidget with my hands.”


✤ Strengths ✤:
- Music
- Violin
✤ Weaknesses ✤:
- Molestation jokes
- Rape jokes
- Really racist and unnecessary jokes

“Let me break it down for you, I am a fucking MASTER at violin, singing, and writing songs. It’s my special talent.”


✤ Education ✤:
He had outstanding grades, all A’s, until he was nine, then they went to B’s. Then at 11+ they went to C’s and D’s.
✤ IQ ✤:
“I got 100…”
✤ EQ ✤:
“I got 70…”

“You actually expect me, to tell you a complete stranger? HELL TO THE NO.”

- Sexual abuse
- Clowns
- Thunderstorms

“I want to find that one person that’ll love me for who I am and support me for my past…”


✤ Food ✤:
✤ Colour ✤:
“Black, I DON’T CARE IF IT’S A SHADE. And red, the colour of blood and my crown.”
✤ Animal ✤:
“Wolves or Siberian Huskies are the CUTEST!!!” Girly squealing
✤ Number ✤:
“One is the loneliest number that you ever do… Two can be as bad as a one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one.” One
✤ Holiday ✤:
“Halloween, I can finally be my actual self.”
✤ Season ✤:
✤ Time of day ✤:
✤ Thing to watch ✤:
“The Jazz Blues and Wine Festival.”
✤ Movie ✤:
“Umm… Uhh… Erm… Grease.”
✤ Show ✤:
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
✤ Type of art ✤:
✤ Genre of music ✤:
✤ Genre of literature ✤:
“Drama, romance, horror, that good shit.”
✤ Genre of shows ✤:
“Sometimes horror…”
✤ Genre of movies ✤:
“Horror, Fantasy, Romance.”

Prince Momo used to be a happy boy. So cheerful and pleasant to be around, his eyes full of joy with a skip in his step and a smile on his face. He used to play the violin for his parents every night. His father’s best friend used to come over every day and stay for a while, chat and play games with the young prince. But when he was 109, things took a horrible turn. Momo didn’t even smile anymore, he would get bullied at school and eventually he threw a chair at a nearby kid’s head, causing him to get concussion. He was suspended and had to explain everything to his parents, who were extremely pissed off. After a long year his father’s best friend was in jail. The family was much happier now that they had a new royal member of this family, Tabitha Alice Mayne. Gabriella, the Queen’s, best friend came over for a year or two, but yet again it happened. The now 113 year old Momo was in a world of outright pain, he lost all the friends he had, his mother and father died in a car accident, and his little sister went missing. He now switches from ruling his kingdom in Yorvaskarr to being in the human world, being a prince to a waiter, and being normal to outright insane. Prince Momo lives with his family in Wales, but travels around the world sometimes.

Momo is normal, happy, cheerful, and respectful to everyone he meets and greets. He is very depressed, and anxious when meeting new people, but once he gets to know them there is no shutting him up. He is friendly, but sometimes he needs someone to just hug him and tell him that everything will be alright. He is a loner and a music lover, though he tries to get out there and socialize with the “crazies”. Being a prince, Momo has many responsibilities and to become King he must marry.


✤ Family ✤:
_Father: King Timothy (Deceased) _
_Mother: Queen Gabriella (Deceased) _
_Sister: Princess Tabitha (Missing) _
✤ Love interest ✤:
✤ Friends/Allies ✤:
Not many
✤ Enemies ✤:
Too many to count.


“I’m the tool, you’re the fool therefore my nightmare dominates!”
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Does anyone want to do a son x father rp im the son. Text me on hangouts if u do.

Quotes: none
Name: Gemi Aqua
Age: 16
Height: 5"3'
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Friends: none yet
Sexuality: Gay
Position: Uke
Bio: He's a shy guy at high school but talkd a lot with people he gets along with. He has the power to manipulate water and other liquids.

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Badru Anlost

Basic information:

Gender~ Male

Age~ 15

Date of Birth~ December 1

Sexuality~ Homosexual uke


Height~ 5,3

Weight~ 93 lbs

Body~ short and skinny

Skin Color~ light tan

Hair Color~ black

Eye Color~ grey

Hairstyle~ medium length

Clothing style~ cute t-shirt, black leggings, and dark grey shoes


Shy, mostly submissive, and easy to convince. He loves to read, drink coffee or tea, and draw.

He can be stubborn if he is upset or angry, but that rarely happens.
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>>>> It has been 4 years sense your sex slave was killed. He was killed by the men that opposed you and the mafia your were in. You cherished ans spoiled him even though he was only your slave. You had moments were you were cold and brutal to him, but didn't make losing him any less painful for you.

>>>>after some time you chose to go out and get a now one. Telling you self that you would do what i took not to get him killed lick the last one. To you this wasn't just getting a new slave to spoil but redemption for what happened. After you got out of your car you walked in to the strip club, and down a pare of stairs to a door. it was guarded by men in black suits. They moved out of your way when you showed them Who you were and you walked in.

*>>>> You walked cage after cage and soon stopped buy a slave that was out of his cage, but chained to a wall by his caller. You ask a man about him, and he told you they named the slave Amai. He explained to you that he had a biting problem and need to be watch do though the game an trick he would play on the people that worked there. He also told about haw even though he was a trouble maker he was still very obedient. As you looked at him he seemed to do what he could not to looked back at you. There really wasn't much information on him, do to how new he was to being there but you felt it would be good to figure him out your self.Came over to him keeling down and.....

~~What happens next is on you~~

#1 No one liners
#3 Have FUN>>>I am open for any the you wish to add to the the rp

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~~_Dose any one want to do a long term sex Rp with me_?
I'm looking for Semes that are rough in bed and that know what they are doing

|||My rules are|||

(No one line responses if you can 5+)

(Pleas tell me is you want to leave the rp)

(SEME NEEDED pleas don't switch up on me)

(Have Fun add in what ever twist you think is good for the Rp just let me know fist)

((I ill make a starter for the on you ask for in your comment. If i left out something you want to try out tell me about it))

Brother X Brother
Father X son
Student X student
Boyfriend X boyfriend
Master X Slave
Master X Demon
Demon X Human
Human X Demon
Vampire X Werewolf
Werewolf X Vampire

On the LEFT is you on the RIGHT is me

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