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Every community needs rules. If you break too many of those rules (how many times and how many of them you have to break to be banned depends on the rule), you will be banned. If I forgot anything and should add it to the rules, please tell me.
- The section "Announcements" is ONLY for very important things that a new member has to read in its entirety. Please only post there if you have something very important to say. You'll receive a warning if you're caught abusing the section - the third time will lead to a ban.
- You are only allowed to RP if your introduction post got approved by the owners or one of the moderators (scroll down for template!). If you RP without having posted an introduction post before or start RPing before it got approved (again, the only people who are allowed to approve profiles are moderators and the owner!), you'll get banned. However, if you're a moderator, this rule doesn't apply to you.
- Be respectful to everyone, but especially the owners and all moderators.
- Don't be overpowered. If you're caught being OP, you'll be banned.
- Don't annoy anyone with questions such as "Can I please be a moderator?" Only the owners can promote moderators, and one of them will decide if you become one or not.
- Make sure your posts are RP related. I don't know why I have to say this, but apparently, it's necessary. The only section where the topic can be something other than RP is the section "Announcements".
- Don't EVER approve profiles if you're not a moderator or owner.
- Use the English language correctly. Your English doesn't need to be perfect, you can make a mistake from time to time, but proper English is necessary. Frequent spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes and messages that make others want to vomit their breakfast since they're so incorrect can be a factor for a ban.
- Do not spam. If you post the exact same things twice or share things like "Share if..." posts with this community, it will instantly lead to a ban without any warning.
- Do not block any owner or moderator. If a moderator/owner tells me that some person blocked them, I will ban that person instantly.
- You have to read everything in the section "Announcements".

Profile Template:
Points written in bold have to be included, cursively written ones don't. Maybe, other moderators/the owner will still approve your profile even if the ones written in bold are not included, but I'm very strict with that, I would decline.
[Blood type]:
[Hair color]:
[Mental illnesses/condition]:
[Physical condition]:
[Sexual orientation]:
[Love interest]:
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