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Name: Night
Age: 20 years
Gender: female
Species: lion
Personality: stubbern,aggressive,smart
Rank/Pride: Outland__beta
Family: The Outland members
Crush: open,in roleplay and I choose
Mate: open,crush first

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Name: Zenis
Nickname: (optional) Z
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Species: (for the other profiles)
Pank/Pride: (optional) None
Family: (optional) None
Crush: None
Mate: None
Bio: (optional) Unknown

mist was walking around,strutting and singing beautifully i know that i,am not the best in the world,but at least i try,unlike some,other girls. But i know if i try,i will be the best of my kind. Sometimes i will fail,sometimes i will cry,but now it is my time i jump on a rock and hold the i in time,adding a dramatic affect

Christopher is in the grass fields panting Gosh... I thought I experienced heat before... but this... is ridiculous he panted more whatever.. ok what did he... want me to do here? Oh yeah study the other species of big cats he flicked a pebble Hmm... doesn't seem to have any... kind of activity he-- suddenly a stampede of buffaloes came towards him he let out a suprised yelp and jumped out of the way in the last minute he crouched low his heart pounding his claws dug deeply into the dirt you were running behind them trying to catch one you stopped and noticed Christopher terrified yet growling at you his tail swaying back and forth dangerously BY ALL THE SNOW MONSTERS WHAT WAS THAT?! he roared he started pacing back and forth you smiled I shall report this to Snowfall she WOULD gladly hurt Changbai, doing this for him nearly got me killed! he let out a cold intimidating snarl -then you

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Name Christopher
Nickname Chris
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Tiger
Personality rebel, mean, funny, sarcastic, fearless, hot and cold, joker, peculiar, mischievous, spacey, carefree, leisurely, wild at heart, diligent, aloof, adventurous, insatiable, lazy, ditzy, bashful, determined, crafty, scheming, riddler, revengeful, murderous, loyal
Pank/Pride Ice Burg Pack (can I be a Beta +Elsa Frost​ )
Family (Abandoned)
Crush classified
Mate classified
Bio Chris was abandoned when he was very young, he grew up alone raised by the wilderness itself. He found a young maiden which he quickly fell in love with, they would always walk together. He asked to be a part of her pack they accepted him until, he found out she had a mate and cubs he quickly became mad about that and tried to kill her mate. He was soon banished and forbidden to see her againm he remembered her as a Tigress who loved the color purple and had beautiful purple eyes. After his banish her mate and cubs dissappeard then she died. He joined the Ice Burg Pack and has become most loyal to his leader, but underneath all that loyalty he has a murderous secret who he had never told anyone about.
Apperance Artic blue eyes, Grey stripes, purple dimond tattoo, 2 black piercings on right ear, purple dimond necklace and bracelet, scar on left eye, half ear was bit off, most likely to be holding a rose in his mouth, small tail

I'm laying down in the shade of a tree I'm humming something the after a while I sing it. While I'm singing it you lay down to hear it its very beautiful, but weird A warning to the people the good and the evil, This. Is. War. To the soldiers, the civilians the warriors the victims, This. Is. War. It's the moment of truth, it's the moment to lie, the moment to live or the the moment to die. It's the moment to fight, the moment to fight, to fight, to fight, to FIGHT. To the left to the right, we will fight to the death ti'll the edge of the earth. It's a brave new world, it's a brave NEW WORLD, A warning to prophet, the liar the honest. This. Is. War. To the leader the periah, the victim the Messiah. This. Is. War. -then you ((open))

Anyone wanna RP?

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Name mist
Age 19
Gender female
Species cheetah
Personality brave,shy,mean at times
Family one sister (name Mack,age 19,personality shy,mean,quiet appearance below/cheetah on the left)
Crush open
Mate open
Appearance below/cheetah on the right

skylar was laying by a tree watching other lions just hanging out and hunting

I'm hiding in the tall grass ready to pounce on a gazelle
Then you
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