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Good ears, try to listen this special cover of "I'm not the only one" of Sam Smith.
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Hey...after months...I'm back
Listen this special remix on Youtube :

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Good ears, try to listen this special AMBIENT track by this new artist!
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Hey PEOPLEEEEE!! Listen this new SPECIAL remix of Romeo Mitrotta! Is a remix of a special track called "Hypnotize" by Laidback Luke
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Hey Good Ears, i wanna share with you this special DEEP HOUSE track by iSAK. Title is : HAZY
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Hey Peopleee! Listen this new remix of "Family Affair" of Mary J. Blige. Subscribe to the channel of the artist, to support and stay tuned !

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Hey Peopleeeee....have you heard this new remix of "Love Yourself", with beautiful voice of Jasmine Thomspon ? This remix is of Romeo Mitrotta. Subscribe to his channel to support and keep updated! 

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Here the new Remix of Romeo Mitrotta for "Love Yourself" of Justin Bieber, with Beautiful Voice of Jasmine Thompson!!!
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Hi, I wanted to share this cover of Years and Years - King by Romeo Mitrotta, with you. 
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You are Welcome

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Hi Goooooood Ears. All oooooook?
There is a cover for you
Listen this cover of Thinking out loud of Ed Sheeran by Romeo Mitrotta
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