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In keeping with the spirit of this week's topics: A quote from

“Improvisation is the human response to necessity: identical to experience, central to
consciousness, it structures who we are and how we move about the world.
Improvisation is empowering.”

Where jazz may be be a good totem pole

Thoroughly enjoyed this week's BBC Forum podcast 

Enjoy :-)

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Well, way out of the 18 min target and after a few curse words, and over thinking this was the tower I build. As a future reference to myself... no need to over think just create..
Last photo was my wife concept tower XD.
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Hi everyone!
Just joined the group. I'm Paulo from Lisbon, Portugal.
Watched the intro video last night. Great inspiration!
Is there a place where all the resources and references are collected?

Hi Group!

Thanks for your help Pedro - I made it into the Google+community too!


Good video
Ready to contribute :-)

Good morning, Lima, Carol, Lynn & all
I'm Douglas.
Explore and discover is my goal.
Really excited...................watching the video now

Hello Everyone!
So anyone made the tower of marshmallow already?
the only step I made so far was buy a bag and ate already half... ))
Waiting for the weekend.

If you made something, post some photos please.
keep in touch

Hi, I'm Nirmoy, Not had a chance to view the vid, working..will try tomorrow.

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Hi Pedro - great you've set up this group.... I wasn't sure group 651 was going to be too active, so have moved over to group 569 - if we only end up being a very small group here, maybe we should hop over there?!?

Or to a different group that's in our time zone?
 But let's see, we may get a few more takers....

How are you finding it all so far?

[Looks like we're growing as a group, so maybe no need to merge after all?!?]
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