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Title: Gain and Lose

Time: 7:15p.m.(Monday)

Location: Downtown Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s downtown area would be slowing down as the night was coming over the city. At one of the city’s top locations, their stood Tom and his wife. They were walking around while sightseeing. He suddenly gets a text on his phone, it reads

“Willis Tower... 70th Floor... HPT: Rodrigo Arroyo... Get moving.”

+Sergeant Dornan

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(I'm replacing my other character with this one.)

Quote(s): "The sand in your hourglass is running dry, and I'm here for the late fee."

Personal Information

Full Name: Thomas Frank Lupino

Nickname(s): Tom

Alias: Loopy Tom

Age: 35

Body Age: Looks to be in his early to mid 30's.

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Place of Birth: Chicago, IL, USA

Date of Birth: 06/29/1987

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Married

Person of Interest: None

Blood Type: B-

Personality: Eccentric and animated, many find his fascination with death creepy. Even so, he is always focused on the task at hand.

Appearance Information

Appearance: Fairly average looking, though is very well toned.

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Skin Tone: White

Height: 5'11

Weight: 165 lb.

Voice: Deep and quiet.

Extra(s): Known for his mildly outlandish ties, such as leopard print, purple and swirly, and polka dots.

Criminal Information

Profession(s): Assassin

Affiliations: None

Alliance(s): None

Notoriety: TBD

Status Information
[Maximum of 65 credits.]

Stat Scale:
A||Superior||11 and Up
B||Excellent||8 to 10
C||Average||5 to 7
D||Poor||1 to 4

Intelligence: 8

Strength: 8

Speed: 5

Agility: 11

Marksmanship: 12

Persuasion: 4

Luck: 7

Intimidation: 10

Personal Item Information

Tool(s)/Equipment: Lockpicks, Surgical Gloves

Weaponry: Glock 22, Throwing Knives, Fiber Wire

Skill(s): Stealth, Lockpicking, Marksmanship

Vehicle: Gray Ford Crown Victoria

Character Background

Family: Alivia Lupino (wife, deceased); Steve Lupino (son, deceased)

Allies: TBD

Enemies: TBD

Pet(s): None

Bio/Background: An expert hitman, Tom Lupino, or Loopy Tom, on account of his strange mannerisms, was a fairly average mobster until his wife and son were killed as an act of revenge for one of his hits- a journalist by the name of Rodrigo Arroyo. Tom was convinced that the hit was a setup, and after further investigation, found that Arroyo had connections to a Mexican cartel based in Miami. Donning little more than his pistol and his clothes, he faked his death and travelled to Miami.

Criminal Record: Assault

Time in Jail(Years): 3

Current Bank Balance: $10,000

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Title: The Debut

Time: 8:45a.m.(Thursday)

Location: Miami, Florida

After the very shaky news yesterday, there was one thing Clyde could look forward to, the opening of his fighting league. The casino would be packed as the whole week seemed to be one big opening. The penthouse was silent but is broken by a telephone ringing. It continues to ring until picked up.

+Alexa Axela

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Title: A Change in Coast

Time: 6:00a.m. Wednesday

Location: Miami, Florida

Participant: +Alexa Axela

As the sun was starting to come up over the city of Miami, a G5 jet comes in and lands in Miami International Airport. The jet slows down and begins pulling into a private hanger. Inside, Clyde Hughes and Ms. Maldonado would be seen in chairs. Clyde prepares himself to disembark the plane as Maldonado sleeps in the chair with her jacket over her. Clyde puts on his suit jacket before waking her up.

“Hey... Hey. Sorry to wake you but the landed, we’ll be leaving once we dock at the hanger.”- He says in a soft tone as he adjust his Rolex.


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Title: A Step-Up

Time: 9:00P.M, Tuesday

Location: Ann Arbor. Detroit, Michigan

Late at night, in the costal line of Detroit. The city’s best underground fighters gathered in an old dock warehouse to duke it out. Many people would be there, thieves, gangsters, and gamblers all filled the warehouse as the fight was wrapping up. 2 bouncers entered the ring and dragged the unconscious fighter out as the victor got the crowd hyped up. The announcer would speak as the crowd got quiet.

“Yeah! Are you entertained!?!?”

The crowd erupts in a sea of cheers.

“Alright, Alright settle down! This is the moment you’ve all been waiting. I’m a couple minutes, we will have our main event. So if haven’t already place your bet grab your drinks, and get ready for a show stopper.”

The crowd cheers as he exits the ring. He walks to the southern locker room and walks over to ‘Razor Blade’.

“You ready kid, your on in 5 minutes.”

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Quote(s): "The thing I like about being a donut in a sausage party is that nobody will ever say no to me."

Personal Information

Full Name: Theresa Karen Maldonado

Alias: Razor Blade

Age: 21

Body Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Mexican-American

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Date of Birth: 10/17/1996

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Person of Interest: (Idk)

Blood Type: O-

Personality: Promiscuous, impulsive, and brash.

Appearance Information

Appearance: Very attractive face and figure, though she has quite a few scars from all the fighting she's done.

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Tone: Tan

Height: 5'3

Weight: 105 lb.

Voice: High pitched but a bit rough sounding.

Criminal Information

Profession(s): Underground Fighter

Affiliations: None yet

Alliance(s): None yet

Notoriety: 2

Status Information
[Maximum of 65 credits.]

Stat Scale:
A||Superior||11 and Up
B||Excellent||8 to 10
C||Average||5 to 7
D||Poor||1 to 4

Intelligence: 6

Strength: 7

Speed: 10

Agility: 9

Marksmanship: 4

Persuasion: 12

Luck: 11

Intimidation: 6

Personal Item Information

Tool(s)/Equipment: Dependent on the job

Weaponry: .38 Revolver

Skill(s): Seduction, Brawling

Vehicle: Rolls Royce Phantom

Character Background

Family: Jared Bernstein (father, dead); Maria Maldonado (mother, dead)

Allies: None yet

Enemies: None yet

Pet(s): None

Bio/Background: Born in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit, Theresa's mother died giving birth to her. Her father left her at an orphanage before committing suicide. She was unknowingly put into a child prostitution ring at a young age, and though she didn't fully understand what they were doing to her, she grew to enjoy it. Later in life, she grew to be ill-tempered and impulsive, and found her way into a pit fighting ring, where her record currently stands 19 wins and 4 losses. She is often noted as "being tougher than she looks".

Criminal Record: Vandalism, Assault, Resisting Arrest

Time in Jail(Years): 2

Current Bank Balance: $60,000

Is anybody here?

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Title: So Close

Time: 1:00pm

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

Status: ((Closed to Area))

Nadia and a few of her members of the family sat within a small but elegant restaurant owned by none other then a friend of the family. The services there was always up to par when Mrs. Bianchi and her family came to dine either in the after noon or the evening, which ever suited her that day. As the group enjoyed there meals and conversed in a interesting conversation thw owner of the place would arrive with Mrs. Bianchi's second glass of wine. He himself has been catering to the table out of respect as he always did.

"Thank you Anthony, I think I will take the check now."

Anthony would hold both hands up and refused the offer.

"Oh no Donna Bianchi, It is on the house."

Nadia would smile and nod as she starts to put away her wallet before taking another sip of her wine. As the conversation between the two were taking place there would be a car that slammed on there breaks before letting in a load of bullets into the restaurant. The people inside all ducked and screamed while Mrs. Bianchi was grabbed and taken to the floor by her body guard Luca Conti, who was also her sons lover.


The shots would continue before the car jetting away from the scene. After all was clear the people within the restaurant would all get up and as Nadia looked around she saw two of her men laying dead and a few citizens also with the same fate.

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Title: Rebirth
Location: Miami, Florida
Time: Wednesday, 9:30a.m.
Participant: +Deniro Rascolov ventures

Late Wednesday Morning, the Miami shoreline would be semi-active filled with tourists, beach goers and merchants. I was slow since it was the middle of the week and still the morning. The Palm Breeze hotel would be operational as the day starts to get underway. In room 14C on the 5th floor, would lie resident Deniro Rascolov. The hotel staff wouldn’t that that’s his true identity, as he goes under a new persona; Alex Soders. The tv in the room would be playing Miami Vice, as the hotel phone started to ring.

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"If Vito Mesa wants it Vito Mesa gets it."

"I am not whom I seem to be."

"I'll fuck you, your mother, your bitch and your best friend in three days cunt."

Red Army Chorus- Kalinka

Personal Information

Full Name: Lost/ Alex Soders

Nickname(s): Lost, The Damned, The Crow, Crow

Alias: Lost

Age: 38

Body Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Place of Birth: Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, New Mexico

Date of Birth: 08/25/1980

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Currently in a relationship with Alexis Delfalco

Person of Interest(s): None

Blood Type: AB+

Personality: Bipolar

Like(s): Money, Firearms, Hot Women, Power, Heisting

Dislike(s): ????

Appearance Information

Appearance: 6 pack, decent built body.

Hair Color:
White (Hit or job)
Black (Normal)

Eye Color:
White Sclera (Hit)
Black Sclera (Heist)
Hazel (Normal)

Skin Tone: White

Height: 6,9

Weight: 265lb

Voice Actor: None


Criminal Information

Profession(s): Armed Robbery, Assassinations, Framing, Impersonation

Affiliations: The Mesa Mafia

Alliance(s): None

Notoriety: 0

Status Information
[Maximum of 65 credits.]

Stat Scale:
A||Superior||11 and Up
B||Excellent||8 to 10
C||Average||5 to 7
D||Poor||1 to 4

Intelligence: 11

Strength: 9

Speed: 10

Agility: 10

Marksmanship: 9

Persuasion: 5

Luck: 0

Intimidation: 11

Personal Item Information

M1911 Suppressed
EMP Grenades 3x
Remington MSR Subsonic Suppressor
Modern Lethal Syringe (Botox)
Explosive Phone and USB
Collapsible Baton
Handheld Taser
Virus/Spyware USB

Skill(s): Demolition Expert, Stealth, Project Management, Firearms Expert, Melee Expert, planning, Hacking

Vehicle: 2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R

Character Background

Family and Friends: Alexis Crow, Adriana Valentine, Ronda Runa, Charles Lexzino, Julian Lance, Fredo Tavani, Vito Mesa, Tony Mesa, Esmeralda Gonza, E.D.P, Genesis Exodus

Allies: none

Enemies: Ryan Cauld and Johnathan Redo

Pet(s): none

Lost is a common man whom jumps place to place. Not much about him is known other than him being apart of the Mesa Mafia and successfully counting 34 confirmed hits.

Criminal Record: ????

Time in Jail(None)

Current Bank Balance: $9,999
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