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Hey guys! Welcome to the community! Here is a profile layout for you to get started:




DESCRIPTION: (Required if you don't have an image)



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Have fun!

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//♧Name♧\\ Nikki Tyokoima

//♧Age♧\\ 20

//♧Personality♧\\ Shy about her body, Modest, Kind to others but Protective and Rude when people flirt with her master, Jealous.

//♧Appearance♧\\ Long Brown hair and green eyes, Fox ears and a poofy tail.

//♧Likes♧\\ Food, Reading, hanging around master, Being teased, Cuddles, Laughing.

//♧Dislikes♧\\ People flirting with her Master, Getting Bored, Math, When her Master is with other people.

Extra: Mostly has thighs, Normal sized Chest.

(Like the picture but with DARK brown hair)


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Dont Judge me
"I love you big sister!~ but...what are you d-doing?"

Hentai,Romantic (Depending on player)

Kiku (Me)
Big sister (you,You have to pick between the three pictures)

You're my big sister,Well not technically because your dad married my mom when I was 4 and you were 6. I was too young to remember what was life like before our parents getting married which was fine by me. You treated me with so Much love you wanted to be the best big sister in the world.As for me,I wanted to make you happy and I'm always there to do anything for you. Years pass by with a bunch of kisses,pecks,and cuddling was a normal thing in our sibling relationship. Our parents are always at work or out of town. You being to grow a little crush on me when I was 13 since I began to grow more into a teenage body. I never acknowledge or notice that you had a crush on me so it was easy for you to sneak kisses and touching me wasn't hard for you.

Our parents went out of town to work at Vegas, It was the last day of school and I wasn't that excited for summer since their was nothing to do. I went to my room just after school,I threw my book bags against the wall and took off my uniform,leaving me in my shorts and boxers, I lay down face first onto my bed and rest for a bit
"Uuuuuuuuuuhhhh....I'm done.. Finally I can relax"
You walk to my door and

•Female ONLY
•3 or more lines
•Be seductive,touchy,and caring
•Use words like (Sweetie,Lil Bro) and use cuddle action such as (Nuzzles,Wrapping your legs Around) Just be creative
•Pick a character
~Hanabi (Blank eyes)
~Lucoa (Green hair dragon girl)
~Rose quartz (Pink hair lady)
•Type your character that you'll be playing as and I'll send you a pp
•This can be a long term rp
•Wanna reshare? Just ask and I'll let you,Just give me credit thou :3

>If you know the character,try to play as their personality
>You can play as more then one big sister
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My name is Ally, and I'm your girlfriend. We're in college together and we really like eachother. You come over to my dorm sometimes to hang out, and we'd do some things. Life for us was perfect. The only thing we though we'd have to worry about is our students loans. Then I stop talking with you for a couple of days, and during times where you do see me, I look depressed. One day I text you "We need to talk". You then...

//Male please and tell me your characters name^^
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(Need one female to play both girls, or two girls to play one girl each)

You, Veronica, and I were best friends since we were kids, and I had promised to make you both my wives, but then I had to move away and was gone for ten years, but the two of you were still friends and occasionally lovers as you two were practicing for my eventual return. Ten years passed from the day I had moved and I moved back never having forgotten you two and I coincidentally was moving into the house that you two lived in as well and when you two saw me you...

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I'm Alice, your sweet and loving wife. I've always been with you through the hard times, and the nice easy times. You're my husband, (insert your name), and your the Secretary of State for the United States of America. You've worked so hard for so long for this job however, you're rarely home. You leave me alone everyday except Sundays, just alone. It kills me to see you go in the mornings, and sometimes you don't come back home.

This day was a Sunday and, it was normal for the most part. Though things started getting weird. I was feeling sick and, I've been throwing up all morning. You were still asleep and you you wake up, I'm just in our bathroom, vomiting. You then..

//Male please^^
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//Name\\ Axel Jackson

//Age\\ 18

//Sexuality\\ Gay

//Personality\\ Reckless, Goofball, Quiet mostly, Protective, Kinda Perverted.

//Appearance\\ Black Hair, Colorful bracelets around wrists, T-Shirt, Jeans, Hightops, Green eyes.

//Likes\\ Punk Bands, Reading, Online quizzes, Fruit, Chips, Late nights with boyfriend cuddling, Animals.

//Dislikes\\ Bullies, People who complain a lot, Seriousness, Pop music, Homophobic people.

[[Roleplay Theme]]
We have been dating for two years, like all couples we have had our ups and downs but both have a good understanding of each other. The first time we met you were new to the highschool while I was a Sophomore, because you came to the school in the middle of the year it was pretty hard to make friends. But when you bumped into me in the hallways that mornings I dropped my phone with 'Fall out Boy' playing, seems you also liked the band you commented me on my music taste and the rest happened on its on. Unlike me, you are good with people and can tell emotions pretty well. I'm reckless and don't really have a filter, we first grew close because you helped me mature and become the person I am today.

It's now in the middle of our senior year of highschool and we still haven't taken our relationship to the next level, not because we don't want to, bu simply because you are still shy, doesn't matter how much I tell you i love you through and through. But this weekend it is our third anniversary and you want to get me something special, not that I didn't love that Legend of Zelda DS Case with the Shield and sword stylist! Just that you felt that the time was right to FINALLY take it to the next level,

After school you walk to my house and open up the door. I wave, taking out my earbuds and smiling, giving you a kiss on the cheek....

Axel is mostly Top but can do Bottom, The picture is Axel. All I need is your Profile picture for your character HAS TO BE MALE and Name, age.. ETC)


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I'm your girlfriend of two years. Because of family I moved away but we kept dating anyway. It's been about three months that I've seen you. I knock on your door. You open it


you pull me into a tight hug. You then pull me in your house pinning me against the wall my face against the wall. You squeeze my ass. I squirm a little moaning slightly.

You: "I've missed you baby
Me: "W-what are you doing?

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Your my husband, Alex. You work in the military and you are hardly ever home. You always tell me, Elizabeth, that you'd quit just to be home, however I know this is your dream. One day, you were away from home on a mission, and your comander tells you you must go home. You then..

//Male please!^^
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Name: Daniel Eriksan

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Orientation: British, Irish

Bio: Since I dont like long stories I'll make this short, Parents died, I live alone, im single, and im not old because I have white hair, its dyed and im 19

Nationality: British

Place(s) usually located: At the park or at his home

Appearance: (Photos)
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