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As part of our new programs, re-organization, and new partnerships, I am happy to announce that AZ01 will be moving to a new location in the east valley. This move will take place in the coming months.

AZ01 was located in a controlled facility in Mesa. This added unneeded complexity to visitors and volunteers. It scared off many. AZ01 will be moving to a new location with no such “complications” and this will also be a larger space, with more amenities, and vastly better location.

AZ01 is moving, but we will reopen the space we have at the former AZ01 location as AZ04. AZ04 will be for the things we do requiring a security clearance and nothing else. AZ01 is our flagship and therefore should be easily accessible to the public. We do need to have a place for security clearance only activities and that place will be the newly designated AZ04. Giving us the best of both worlds.

We are looking forward to the strong possibility of opening AZ03, a Tucson location. This looks very promising with hope there will be confirmations this week.

AZ02 is up for renewal and we will see if that location remains open or if we will close / relocate it. That process should be completed in about a month.

We are mostly through the paperwork for three other range locations in Arizona. I am happy to report that we are nearing completion of two partnerships that will allow us to open up to 35 more locations with minimal paperwork. One of these agreements will allow us to open locations nationwide.

We are also now in discussions with several countries who are seeking our help and management opening ranges in their cities too.

All in all, very wonderful new opportunities. We took our free time and turned into new opportunities for growth. There is so much more to come.

If you want to be more security conscious I recommend that you do the 30 day security challenge from Shannon Morse

Is anyone familiar with Nikto and/or Mutillidae? I'm trying to make my way through a lab for my SECFND class for CCNA Cyber Ops. Here is the introduction to the lab:

This lab exercise will introduce you to several different classes of attacks where the target is a web server, heavily leveraging the Mutillidae web application. Mutillidae is an intentionally vulnerable web application that is intended to be used by security practitioners, such as penetration testers, to learn more about web application security. There is much more to Mutillidae than is demonstrated in this lab exercise.

As you execute the lab exercise you will be exposed to web vulnerability scans, both offline and online password attacks, command injection, SQL injection, cookie manipulation, and cross-site scripting. Hopefully, the experience will be fun and insightful.

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AZCWR @ AZ02 mentioned in the news.

I would like to volunteer for the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range West. Please advise on how I should get started. Thanks. Lisa

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These are familiarity exercises for metasploit, pre oscp stuff.

Hello AZCWR.

I have a question. I want to make sure I am correctly reading between the lines. When I visited the range (I went there twice, and for now, I think going there once a week works, though this can change if/when necessary). When I spoke with Jesus about becoming involved with the range, he had me begin with the Over the Wire Bandit Tutorial. I am halfway through that. I also went through the BWAPP tutorial (I am redoing it and half way through it). I also completed the Linux Journey Tutorial (I've taken Linux classes before, so this was quick and relatively quick for me, though I did skip the "Init" tutorial. I've also done the SQL, Javascript, and Python code academy tutorials a while back, and I plan to redo them soon.

My question is, at which point might I be involved with a project. My goal is to eventually (and I hope sooner) to get that foot in the door with respect to IT Security (I want to do it as fast as possible, but take as long as necessary). I have a lot to offer, I just need to just find the right direction.

The range target are currently down and have been sine 2a this morning.

We are working with the ISP to get things back up and running.

We will keep you updated.

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Our agreement with GCU is valid until July 2019.

We have requested some modifications to the agreement since we no longer have any relationship with ACTRA. ACTRA is no longer affiliated with the AZCWR in any way. Their hostility brought this about.

We will see if / when GCU makes any offers for changes.
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