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Hey guys its been a while sense i have been on i just wanted to let all of u know don't be shy to share a kingdom hearts pic or anything to do with kingdom hearts. show me what u got guys. 

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Damn it Hollywood! Make this please!
When is there gonna be a damn Kingdom Hearts movie? I mean it's such a popular game (a GOOD, popular game, at that) that it spawned numerous sequels and a manga novel series (There may have been more types of novels for Kingdom Hearts, but that's all that I know of). There are KH apparel and accessories. Seriously, Square Enix and Disney, get a few of your guys together and make a Kingdom Hearts CGI movie, already! I may have to write another letter (Remember when I wrote that letter to Capcom?)

What worlds are ya'll looking forward to in kh 3 and which square enix characters are ya'll hoping to see

hello everyone feel free to talk to me anytime u like. remember kingdom hearts rules!!

So what do u want to talk about man anything i will answer back.
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