I was a girl at a bookstore trying to find some books to read you was a person who was always by urself reading you saw me and thought i want to know her but i dont. so you asked a lady about me she said im always here name was ruby rose and she reads manga , comics , and fashion stuff but she is looking 4 recipes today. you decided 2 keep your distance 4 awhile until i leave the store you then grab my wrist and asked......

you worked at a hotel it started to rain you saw a girl in rain all alone and lost you saw her she went in to ur hotel you saw she was wet and sick a bit she went to a corner by a window cuz she was scared and shy you decided to fix some food so u left and by the time you got back she was gone. you looked everywhere in the lobby 4 her but she wasnt there you go upstairs 2 kitchen and she was there in corner scared and shy so she heads to the door 2 leave and go back in the rain you decided 2.......

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*You were a high class demon sitting on a cliff as you would see me at the as you heard beautiful violin music as I was playing violen as you.....*
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