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im confused is this a anti brony communatiy

I can't tell. Are you bronies or anti-bronies?

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Equestria Now seems like a potential threat...
(It's no big deal to revive abandoned groups.)
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Proposal to Amend Brony Law:
19-A) Membership with the extremist anti-brony group "Equestria Now" is prohibited due to their crimes against bronies and anti-bronies.
19-B) This law is valid for ALL BRONY GROUPS! Including groups that are controlled by Equestria Now
19-C) Equestria Now is required to liberate ALL communities they control and shut down their "evil empire"
Voting ends @ 11:39 AM (EST)
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Brony Law 19 Passed
(Results Unanimous)
Yes: 100%
No: 0%

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We're proud to announce that we're now be hosting everything from group documents to MLP-related content, with the best cloud storage service!

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+Brony AX is to be banned from United Bronies and our allies. for disrespect, trespassing, harassing officials, and one or more acts of treason against United Bronies and it's allies.
(From Brony State Police:

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