Hi My name Is Julie Ann and ive just started This Community
Just Now
I love To Write Poetry and Indeed Stories to express Emotions
And It helps I find
I been through a Lot that I will Say
But If Anyone Like me wants to express theirselves in poetry
whether you too have been through things
or indeed You haven't and just like to Create Beautiful words from the Heart
Then please Feel free to Add your own poems
Hugs Of Hope xx

ive written a new Poem Today
The words just came out and I what I called Earthed them just
now to express some feelings

My Mind is A Clutter as I sit on my Own
Can you hear me Mutter of course not I'm alone
What's it like to be You , I only Know me
At least its peaceful to know that I'm Free

when I get bored In need of Mental Stimulation
I'm limited in choices and my finances and My creation
I Believe in God , He's Always Been Around
And he loves us all, every Human sight and Sound

I know I'm not Perfect . None of us are I feel
But then now I know, its much better to be Real
Ive made my mistakes, Some I Regret but some I Don't
Some Were Choices They Just are, and regret those I wont

Some Souls They Have Opinions, Of What and Why or How
Il explain If need be sought, if any ask me now
Forgive me if I enquire, of what its like to be you
Of all the many things in life we say or Do

Its Just You've all Done so Much, That of I could only do in Dreams
I mean no Disrespect , your all Amazing To me it seems
If a Blind Soul Ask another , to Describe The scene Ahead
Though he cannot see, he uses other senses instead

Not all Beauty can Be perceived , Through the Eyes and Vision Alone
There is so much life to see, on our planet we call Home
The Heart Is The Seat Of Love, Its in Every Life and has needs to share
And we have Many ways To show others that we care

A blind Soul Canst not see, But His Heart Can a Picture Form
so he feels not so bereft , nor his mind be made forlorn
like the Blind Even though I have Eyes, There Is still something in me amiss
So I don't want you feel sad , so I will now tell impart you this

Though Experiences I have are Few, And In That My Heart May sometimes Grieve.
But my Heart I can still Feel, and in Love I still Believe
To The many Souls World Wide, And others Ive Yet to know
I send You These Words Today, And My Respect For all I show

I don't Have To See or Touch, or Stand IN your Field of vision Or View
For I feel Your Love Emitted , And Guess What
I love You All Too xxxxxx

Hugs Of Hope

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