Information about how to find your way out of the "matrix" of deceit that all of us were born into and brainwashed by ruthless totalitarians to think of a reality.

I was first convinced by “experts” of the original Biblical languages that the word "day" in Genesis 1 and 2 et al literally referred to a time of up to 24 hours and I believed that for many years. I even got a lot of formal education and taught "Christian Evidences" from the creationist point of view. However, I've come to realize and can prove that the word "day" in that part of Genesis could not have meant a 24 hour period of time no matter what the writers intended it to mean. Two very good reasons for this is the fact that they were not present to witness the creation and two, God did not tell them this because I can show people with honest minds that the Biblical God is a human invention just as Allah and and Baal and Moloch and Zeus and Athena and Odin and Ra and Osiris etc are.

I know this because of how those people tried to learn what they thought was true. God did not actually talk to Adam and Eve or anyone else the way humans talk to each other. Those people used many forms of augury, omens, and visions that they gave the meaning to and then assumed that their invented interpretations of those things were God speaking to them! Besides that, if you will carefully read Genesis 1-3 ff you should be able to find the flaw in the theory of a literal six day creation period. It's right in front of you and everyone else if you’ll just examine the text without letting your bias cause you to not see it.
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