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sorry i cant put a picture because im on my Hisense,and it doesn't let me do whatever you have to do to put the pictures right here. So that means tha tyou guys are picking the dog for October 6. Anyways,you guys have a week to vote,so make it good! (and if Google+ lets me edit this post,i will edit it when i find a way to get the pictures. And if anybody knows how to save a picture on a Hisense,let me know in the comments. Thanks!)
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ok guys i just found out that double touching the mouse pad is the left click,but my pictures are not working!!!!! So thats that

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SOOOO...the dog of the week is.......Golden Retriever! Just look at these pups go! Anywho,im am going to start a poll of what dog you guys want me to do next week. For now the pups win. See ya guys later in the poll!

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Here is the video for this week! So we are going to do something called... the dog of the week!and this dog of the week is Husky's! Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for next week!
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