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Fluttershy cuteness overload 😄oh why'd you have to be so cute?

Back for my check to see who is trying to join days.  Hope you all are doing well.

k another member has come.  Welcome.

Still checking xP  Don't think I am not.

Thought I'd continue to check every once and a while and approve people who want to join although nothing really happens here.

lol This was the group that when people were accepted then they would also become moderators.  I'm not sure what happen but there's a fraction of peeps left and only a couple mods (including myself)

Can I come in u home and saty with u I am a stay dog

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Can I have any some food and home
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Hey flutter can I be u dog and will u play with me
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There's only 32 members in here now?  Where'd everybody go?
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