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We offer a wide variety of service solutions, to an even wider variety of industries. Our focus is to bring seemingly complex specialized tax incentives to small and midsize business owners, without the hassle. We understand most commercial property owners, manufacturers, and employers are focused on their core business, and often do not have the time or resources to look for available programs.

FREE consultations
Our team understands the value of your time, and will work quickly to determine which programs you may qualify for. In as little as 15 minutes we can determine if you qualify for any programs, and even provide an estimate of how much benefit you may be looking at.

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Strategic Partnerships for Mutual Benefit

A strategic partnership is when two businesses join together for mutual benefit. The businesses work cooperatively with a common goal in mind.

Strategic Partnerships allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage by mutually sharing of resources, markets, technologies, capital or people.

We believe in building Strategic Partnerships and actively reach out to industries and organizations that would benefit from such a partnership.

Our goal is to “help each Business Owner maximize the value of their business through networking and the sharing of creative ideas as well as time and money savings tips”. This strategic partnership supports the common goal of Businesses we work with by providing its clients the opportunity to gain millions of dollars through specialized tax incentives.

At $240,000 the hotel and hospitality industry is currently number two for the largest average savings received per client with us. This is because nearly all business owners in the hotel industry own their building, and usually own multiple locations. With that basic qualification hotel owners substantially qualify for :

Cost Segregation
Property Tax Mitigation
Energy 179D Credits

We provide Free Consultation
We believe in building and sustaining strategic partnerships to ensure the continued benefit for all involved.

If you would like to know more about our Strategic Partnership program please contact us at 703-898-8870

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CPA Alliance
We offer our Partners a seamless & turnkey solution so, they can offer specialized tax services to their clients across the country without adding to their operating costs.
All our services are contingent on us finding savings for your clients.
The benefit to our CPA Partners is an increase in billable revenue and added value in the marketplace.
Benefits of joining forces with us
• Generating new revenue streams
• Attracting new clients to the firm and helping develop desirable niche markets
• Solidifying current client relationships and loyalty
• Increasing billable hours
• Increasing your competitive advantage in the marketplace
• Private Label Opportunities

We specialize in providing a suite of engineered accounting solutions to CPA firms and their clients. Our engineers are fully compliant and well versed in IRS Circular 230 – FIN Standards.
Tax Incentive Services
Commercial Building Tax Incentives
• Cost Segregation
• Section 179 D
• Property Tax
• Historical Tax Credits
• Section 45L Tax Credit
Specialized Tax Incentives
• R&D Tax Credits
• Hiring Tax Credits
• International Sales
• Sales & Use Tax
We offer a turnkey partnering program with CPA Firms nationwide to help their clients maximize cash flow and bridge the gap between accounting and engineering.

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Why doesn’t every building owner and CPA know this?

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