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I try to be there for people.  That is kind of hard as I'm on my bicycle all the time.  I live for my bike, I breathe through my bike and you got the general picture or are you daft?

In the very few moments that I'm there for my very few friends I usually don't know what to say when they seek help or consolation or whatever.

That's what you get when you spend too much time riding your bicycle.

People say I'm good at listening though.

I tried to be cool.  At work.  At home.  Online.  Off line.  All the time.  Every where.  

My wife asked me yesterday what I was doing in the refridgerator. 

You know what I told her... 
(wise guys)

One day my brain hurt.  I took it to the hospital.  In a bowl filled with warm water.  I tried to handle it with care.  I went by public transport, by bus to be exact (although it's irrelevant to this story).  My eyes looked at my brain in the bowl while my legs were restless and my stomach was not all that happy with the whole situation.

In hospital somebody was angry with me.

'What were you thinking?' she shouted at me while pointing her finger at my brain.

I heard my mouth saying: 'Oh, nothing much'

It was a dark, cold night. The polar vortex was in full affect. 

Tom stacked the firewood high in his fireplace and went to bed. His bed was at the other end of the house. It was cold, but when he climbed underneath the covers he warmed right up. 

He was home alone, the wife and kids were out for the weekend. His German Shepherd "Audo" lie beside the bed in his bedroom. 

The top log in the fireplace was very large. When the smaller logs underneath turned to ash, the large log on the top rolled down, breaking the glass. It fell quietly, as it was pyroceramic glass that broke into many small pieces. The log was not in flames but started letting a significant amount of smoke into the house. Audo awoke, his ears moved around, and he went back to sleep. There was no danger of a fire but the smoke in the livingroom started to get thick. and it needed attention. 

15 minutes passed and Tom awoke to

Cities...by Alphabet. I will start..

Asheboro, North Carolina

One Word at a Time Labor Day Edition

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Songs to Make the Story

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It's 3 am

It had been far too long since the tribe of historians had come together long enough to recount their travels. All had been incredibly busy doing works for their local chapters. It wasn't until +Ginger Schneider reminded the tribe of their duties to record the written word of their days....

It's grown awfully quiet in this place...
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