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Well I'll have to take a long walk today...

Team Mystic won in Chicago! YAY!
Now Arktos and Lugia appearinf worldwide plus the following bonus:
Double Stardust
Double Candy
Double XP
Increased Pokémon encounters
Reduced hatching distance
Reduced buddy distance


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My Nephew Justins Second Episode!
Please go support!
He such a good kid and does a great job! 

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Yay, Pokémon Go turns 1.
Pikachu with cap appears!

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"It's dead" , "They never make money on this", "The hype is over".
I heard that when the first Pokémon wave 20 years ago rolled on. I hear it since Pokémon Go revived the whole franchise.
Nintendo and their subsidiaries still counting $$$ like crazy. And I'm still watching the anime series and playing the games (not only but also Pokémon Go).

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Did you know? You can feed Gym Pokémon also the useless Nanab Berry instead of the valuable Razz Berry. Same effect!
Animated Photo

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OMG I FLIPPEN LOVE RAIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Get ready for the Pokémon Go Gym relaunch with this awesome solar charger.
What do you need more than battery power for playing Pokémon Go? Nothing.

But there's only 4 days left to snap one for only $13.99 and save over 70%.
The integrated solar panel gives you some extra power in addition to the 5000mAh capacity.

I never play Pokémon Go without at least one battery pack. But you know how hard this game is on the battery yourself.

This offer is available worldwide.
#pokemongo #battery #solar
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