I'm in the process of filing chapter 13 for myself and not my wife. Now i find out that they plan on taking my tax refund this year , aprox $4-5000. If my wife and I filed, " married but filing separately" instead of our usual "jointly", can she keep her refund or doesn't it matter how we file? My case is suppose to finalize in February by the way. Thank you for any input. One more question. Is it possible to change your attorney when so close to the end? Seems I was told things at the beginning and now that they got my money I don't matter to them. Thank you again.

How do you go back and protect your taxes after you have filed bankruptcy and been discard but file you taxes and the trustee put a hold on your refund stating after you filed they found asset

If my house is paid for and is in an irrevocable trust for my children and I am the Grantor, can the bankruptcy court still take the house and liquidate it?

I'm inquiring on the impact to a Landlord if you sign up a Tenant that knows they are going to file Bankruptcy soon.
I understand this would be a pre-condition for the Tenant and my concern is that the Security Deposit, Fees and Monthly rent paid before the bankruptcy could be repossessed by the courts and that I may not receive rent from this Tenant.
Can you give any input here?  Should I just walk away from this Tenant as too much baggage or do you feel this is not an issue and I would be OK to rent to this person.
Many Thanks
Paul Hornung

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Medical bills are known by bankruptcy practitioners to be the biggest cause of bankruptcy, not personal irresponsibility. But it's nice to see the mainstream media helping to publicize this unfortunate fact.

John Hilla, Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney

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My latest post on Bankruptcyblog.org regarding the dischargeability of personal injury judgments in Michigan bankruptcy.

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Great article about the importance of being able to once again discharge student loans in bankruptcy, from the website of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, of which I am a proud member.

John M. Hilla
Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney

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Discharge your tax debt in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Michigan: it can be done!

John M. Hilla
Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney
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