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Pebbleclan Current Roster
Leader- Smoothstar
Deputy- Rockfur
Medicine Cats- Mosspool
Apprentice- Moonpaw
Warriors- Boulderfoot
Skyface, Apprentice- Rollingpaw
Goldclaw, Apprentice- Daisypaw
Scorchfur, Apprentices- Foxpaw and Nightpaw
Apprentices- Moonpaw
Queens- NONE
Elders- Ratface
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Kits are born
Battle Training session
Warrior/Medicine cat assessments
Rival clans or Animal Attacks
People Die in Battle!
Kits are born
Battle Training session
Warrior/Medicine cat assessments
Rival clans or Animal Attacks

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Pebbleclan Tales, Chapter two:
There are eight apprentices in Pebbleclan.
Boulderpaw: He's a lucky tom indeed. He's apprentice to the deputy! He's snooty about it and his sister, Skypaw hates it.
Skypaw: She and I share a mentor. Skypaw will ever be made a warrior though. She's always daydreaming when she's supposed to be hunting. The only time she catches something is when dumb mice scuttle right into her paws.
Vinepaw: She is a very nice she-cat. She has to watch where she's stepping though because of her long legs! She shares a mentor with Nightpaw.
Nightpaw: He's okay. He likes to keep to himself.
Warmpaw: Warmpaw, my older brother, loves attention. When I was a kit with Foxpaw, he climbed a tree and dove off onto the ground on purpose so mommy would leave us alone.
Moonpaw: She was adopted from another clan in the mountains where Smoothstar's sister lives. Moonpaw is the adopted sister of Nightpaw. Moonpaw is the apprentice to Mosspool, who became medicine- cat when Softpelt died. Nightpaw had a brother, Heavenskit, but he died at birth. Moonpaw had the chance to go back to her clan, but she declined, knowing that she would be made a warrior there.
Foxpaw: My brother is nice. He shares a mentor with our older brother, Warmpaw.
Daisypaw: That's me. I'm Daisypaw.

I tried explaining all of this to my mother, Willowrun, but she hates stereotypes. And then it was time.
"May all cats, 6 moons and older, please come to the Holy Pebble to watch the ceremony of the making of four new warriors!", Smoothstar's voice sang.
All of the cats in the clan, except the only kit in the nursery,(poor Rollingkit!) came to the foot of Holy Pebble.
"We come to Holy Pebble for more than new warriors! We come for warriors, apprentices, and elders!", Smoothstar was explaining. " Warmpaw, You will now be Warmspirit, Boulderpaw, You will now be Boulderfoot, Skypaw, You will now be Skyface, and Vinepaw, You will be Vinefur!".
"Vinefur!", the clan's voice rang out.
"And will someone fetch Rollingkit out of the nursery", Smoothstar asked.
Ratface bounded over and snatched Rollingkit out of the nursery.
" Rollingkit, You will now become Rollingpaw and your mentor will be, Skyface!"
"I object!", Furfang yowled, "when I was a young tom, new Warriors were NEVER mentors!"
"Well I have 2 things to say", Smoothstar looked on angrily," 1. All you guys need a break! and 2. Singlestar had different rules than I do."
"Rollingpaw!", the clan yowled more.
" And lastly, Willowrun has something to say.", and Smoothstar let Willowrun onto the Holy Pebble.
" I want to thank you all for being so kind over the years. When I was a kit, apprentice, warrior, almost deputy, and a queen.", she started, " but I would like to thank some special people, from Starclan and Pebbleclan. Starclan first, Harvestcorn, for being my mentor, Wrenpaw, for being the best sister I could ask for, even if it was only for 7 moons, and to Fallentree for being a good mother. Now my current clan, to Smoothstar for allowing me to do this, to Mosspool, who had helped me with my kits so long ago, To Goldclaw and Scorchfur who mentored my three kits, To Warmspirit, for his good nature and To My kits, who are loving darlings. And a special thanks to Torchleaf, for loving me and to Lostcrest, for helping me get over my mate's death", by now she was crying.
"Do you swear to let the clan serve you?", the leader asked.
"My mate is not here and I am having no kits so, yes I do".
By now everyone was knowing what was going on.
"The it is settled. Willowrun, you are now an elder!"


Pebble Clan Tales, Chapter One:
All of the cats in Pebbleclan gathered around the hollow. To my left, Holy Pebble stood out like a black cat in the snow, and on my right, was the nursery. The place I hadn't been able to leave until now. My father, Torchleaf, died last night in the battle with Furclan. The nasty cats tore him apart, not thinking about his mate, Willowrun, or her kits. I am only 5 moons now, and so is my brother, Foxkit. "Today we mourn over the death of our noble warrior, Torchleaf.", our leader, Smoothstar was on top of Holy Pebble now. "And The kits of Willowrun, please step up to Holy Pebble to receive your apprentice names.", she continued. Foxkit squealed with glee, "I forgot we turned 6 moons today!" Foxkit stepped up first. "You are now, Foxpaw and Daisykit you will be Daisypaw." Smoothstar announced. "And the mentors will be Goldclaw for Daisypaw, Scorchfur for Foxpaw, and Nightpaw,(he was made an apprentice 2 moons ago) you will be relocated to Silkstream." I wondered for a moment. All of those cats have apprentices already. "The mentors will have 2 apprentices now, since a warrior died", Smoothstar finished the thought. We touched muzzles to our new mentors.

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Part of Pebbleclan

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Omg this is so funny
hehehehehe funny XD XD XD

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If you join or is a part of this page, here are some rules you need to follow. If you don't, you are banned.

1, No bad words, swearing or being mean to others.
2, Feel free to create a clan and share the details! The more in the forest, the better!
3, Art is accepted! Don't be mean about other people's.
4, Never reveal your real name. If it is a part of your profile, that's okay. Never say it in a post though.
5, Nothing that is against rules at your school. Do not share things that are "personal".
6, Have Fun!

I made a clan called Pebbleclan. I will fill you in on the details.
Leader: Smoothstar- Cream colored she-cat
Deputy: Rockfur- Brindle Tom
Apprentice: Boulderpaw
Medicine-Cat: Softpelt- White she-cat
Apprentice: Mosspaw
Torchleaf- light brown tom
Silkstream- Silvery colored she-cat
Apprentice: Vinepaw
Scorchfur- White tom with a burnt paw.
Apprentice: Warmpaw
Goldclaw- gold she-cat
Apprentice: Skypaw
Ratface- Grey tom with a squished face
Yellowstring- cream she-cat with thin fur
Furfang- Black tom with sharp fangs
Boulderpaw- Grey tom with strong paws
Mosspaw- brown tabby she-cat with good memory
Vinepaw- Mud colored she-cat with long legs
Warmpaw- flame colored tom with a bright spirit
Skypaw- white she-cat who is always daydreaming
Willowrun- cream she-cat, mother of Foxkit, Daisykit, and Warmpaw.

Lostcrest- Flame colored she-cat, mother to Rollingkit and Mosspaw.

Meadowgrass- Black she-cat, mother to Nightkit, Moonkit, and Vinepaw.

Foxkit- ginger tom with a white muzzle
Daisykit- Cream she-kit
Rollingkit- White tom
Nightkit- black tom
Moonkit- adopted from Moonclan(?), black she-kit.

This is my first clan, don't judge.

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