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If you find it difficult to generate your own part-time income, Open DG provides you an eminent option of generating income through partnership with #OpenDG

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I get it.

Before investing in Best Business Workouts, you have a few questions.

Well, you’re not alone. Others had questions too.

So given that the deadline to join Best Business Workouts is coming fast, (MIDNIGHT TONIGHT) I won’t waste your time.

Here are the most popular questions we’ve had...

Q: What's In It For Me?

A: Here's What You Get:

A Life With Intent & Purpose. Build A Business True To Yourself, Not What Others Expect

Step By Step System For Building A Business You Can Sell

Become A Business Success Detective - Find & Focus ONLY On What Grows A Business FAST

Become A Business Systems Strategist - Master How To Work ON A Business, Not IN It

Become A Leader, Follower, Mentor & Coach - Accomplish Your Goals Through Others

Become A Business Owner & Investor - Have Dashboards, PLUS 17 Types Of Business Exits To Buy & Build A Portfolio Of Businesses

BONUS 1: Time Management & Productivity Hacks Of The Rich, Famous & Super Successful Proven Over 100+ Years ($297 Value)

BONUS 2: World Wide Web Traffic Domination ($497 Value)

BONUS 3: Best Business Discussion Group ($497 Value)

SUPER BONUS $997 Course 7 Figure Funnel Formula - Discover what it takes to have an automated marketing funnel generating recurring revenue for your business.

Enroll Before Midnight:

Make better business decisions for the rest of your life.

Enjoy a healthier life, better stress, being surrounded by people who really care about you.

Start looking at your life, your business and your opportunities through the eyes of someone who has the things you're after. It's always easier to solve AFTER you've been through it... skip the learning curve by joining today.

“Q: Will This System Work For Me?”

A: If you want to gain enough knowledge to master the fundamentals of business success YES IT WILL. If you want to take control of all your ideas and start making progress as soon as possible, but in a smart, direct way.. YES IT WILL! If you want to have a team of supportive people who want to see you be successful… Then this program is DEFINITELY for you.
“Q: Is this for business owners or employees?”

A: This course is intended to focus on the owner/operator.

However having an owner mentality can only help you in any workplace situation. At least from the business owners I’ve worked with… We WISH more employees shared our sense of ownership. Many of these activities can be done by the owner or delegated to a team member. “Are you sure you’re focused on the RIGHT things? Would you benefit from being pushed? Then this program is for you. Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity! Your Time Is Now! Take Action! Make It Happen!

"Q: Will you cover finding buyers for a business? I would like to sell in 2 years and need and exit strategy."

A: Yes! We will review the 17 different types of business exits with a few case studies so you can see what you should & shouldn’t be doing based on your needs.

“Q: Can You Guarantee My Success?”

A: I cannot promise you will find success. But I can promise you this:

It’ll get your business more traffic, more members/customers, keep them longer and get them to refer their friends better. Plus it’ll help you design to scale, grow profit margins and work without your direct involvement 24/7.

If you’d like to be a more successful business owner, then you should always be looking for ways to improve your biz systems and add value to your customers. If that’s you & what you do then join this program!

The whole approach is the idea of you getting more measured action & time invested in building the business as a business… vs just doing what your business does from inside it. It’s like going to a class at the gym. People know by the end they’ll have spent a good chunk of time focused on things they need done to be better.
If you see that Best Business Workouts is the key to getting MOST DESIRED OUTCOME, this is your chance to make it happen.

Enroll in Best Business Workouts now!

Daryl Urbanski

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Are you ready?

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Biometric On-line Attendance System Islamabad

eStaff Timesheet Attendance system is ONLINE attendance system. Integrated with Bio-metric devices, RFID card reader etc. Its very easy and user friendly application.
Attendance System:
Attendance by Biometric Device
Attendance by RFID cards
Attendance by Facial Recognition
Detail Dashboard for all type of users
Week summery of working hours on Dashboard
Complete Biometric / RFID Scan history
Web login supported for All/Selected users
Attendance can categorized by City, Branch, Department etc.
Attendance can be monitored for different cities / Branches
Suitable for all type of Organizations.
Customizable Organizational roles as per need
Different user groups
Set of user group permissions.
Auto Email supported
Set list of OFF days in business Calender
Over time calculations.
Total working hours calculations.
Break hours calculations.
Variety of attendance Reports.
Leave Management:
Set number of day for Leave
Apply for leave (On-line)
Leave approval process
Leave calculation for Payroll
Task Management:
Complete Project and task management
Multiple teams can work on single project
Multiple projects with multiple task can be created
A single task can be assigned to single / multiple users
Each user can create "Activity" on any particular task
A Team Lead / Supervisor can handle single or multiple projects.
Three layer management, Manager=>Supervisor/Supervisors => User / Workers
User Management:
Three different type users (User, Supervisor, Manager)
Each user have its on Web interface
Each user type have its set of permissions.

We are very good at "Customer Support". Make a call and never be disappointed.
Mobile : 03018490230


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