ummm... hi. im new to this community just wanted to introduce myself.
im Jackson, im 14, I have been self harming since I was in 4th grade, and I have so many issues I should be in an asylum but i have learned to control my illnesses so no need to worry... sort of.

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To the people on here who said they wanted to rape me on here
In case of a miraculous miracle you ever get near me or in bed with me here

Heeey, there’s a lot of people here encouraging suicidal people to kill themselves.

If you don’t really give a crap about suicidal people, don’t waste your time to tell them to go die.

Do something better. :/

Well I'm trying not to self harm and get rid of suicidal thoughts so how's everyone been?

I'm trying to distract myself

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For everyone tormented by trolls, I made a new place where you WILL be safe from them especially in my community. Join at the link

I only have one thing to say to you people

Suiciden’t ☮️

I can't do this life anymore.
I can't take it.
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I'm sorry, but responding to a troll has to be one of my pet peeves. Just fucking ignore them. It's not like you can change them to become a better person. Treat them how you would treat any other annoying thing you come by and IGNORE IT. You only make things worse on yourself because your comebacks aren't as good as the troll, your feelings are hurt by them cuz you apparently haven't grown some balls, and you wasted minutes of your life thinking of useless comebacks and actually texting them. Like seriously, every person who responds to a troll needs a lesson on the rules of the internet, because they don't know them unfortunately. Plus, you're only benefiting them. I know that because I leave troll comments on videos if I want a laugh. That's literally all they want. THEY ARE HUNTING FOR YOUR TRIGGERED DUMB ASS TO COMMENT PARAGRAPHS WORTH OF "FUCK YOU TROLL" AND "DO YOU REALIZE THAT YOU COULD HURT SOMEONE" AND ALL THAT BULLSHIT.
So just be smart and not comment, or man the fuck up, cuz I'm tired of seeing 9 year olds typing essays on their tablets.
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