Can anyone pls tell me what library can i use for image recognition and object detection except opencv

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Release 19.1 of Vibur DBCP brought improvements in connection hooks / metrics generation; also better tools for taken connections tracking.

Check it out at:

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#TodayILearned: automating an #SQL #selectstatement with parameters for all fields may fail is a field is #nullable.

A typical query:
select * from addresses where email = ?;

And in #Java, using #JDBC, we would use a #PreparedStatement and its .setString(int, String) method to enter an argument for the email field parameter.

Note that JDBC doesn't support named parameters in PreparedStatements.

What if the email is nullable? What if we have other fields in the address, but not necessarily a value for email? Well, then JDBC nicely offers PreparedStatement.setNull(int, sqlType).

But using that, with the above statement, would fail to retrieve the record if the email in the data store actually is null.

Why? Because most databases cannot compare a field to null directly. Instead of using the = operator, they require us to use the "is" operator.

And that indicates the solution:
we change our select statement to:
select * from addresses where ((email is null or (email = ?));

This hails a new challenge: how on earth will we tell apart multiple addresses with a null email?

Well, by including arguments for their unique key, of course. Or for all of their fields, if you exercise #optimisticLocking, like me.

This problem has been troubling me for months, and only yesterday I thought up the above solution. Checked it today: works fine with #MSSQLServer.

May you read this post and remember, so you don't have to hunt for a solution yourself.

Happy coding!

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JasperReports and JasperServer API to generate, display and export linear, 2D and postal barcodes to any BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG format. This new release provides the capability to #generate #Barcodeusing 10 more well-known #symbologies and Enhanced #DataSource#Handling for Report
This new release of Aspose.BarCode for #JasperReports 17.3.0 provides the capability to #generate #Barcode using 10 more well-known #symbologies. Now user can create #SwissPostParcel, #ItalianPost 25 and many more barcodes using this release. Implementation of the Barcode for JasperReports has been upgraded in such way that Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports now implemented a single predefined field that contains the set of fields from #Datasource. There is no more mixing of values for fields like CodeText and Symbology. Functionality to #handle #special #symbols in the #codetext value has been improved. Read complete release notes here:

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Java Tutorial 3: Java Program Structure, Comments in Java, Java Data Types

Java Tutorial 2: Introduction to Java and Java Environment Setup

Java Tutorial 1: Overview of Java Programming Language

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