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Which of these 2 new consoles do you prefer, and why?
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Xbox One
Playstation $

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Game Developers the Best Value in Royalty-Free Game Design Music Soundtracks is

The SoundTraxx Music Library features lots of tracks with tons of styles to enhance your game play experience!

One major advantage of The SoundTraxx Music Library is that it's music tracks will not be blocked on social networks such as YouTube and facebook.

The first 100 tracks are free and a $35.00 lifetime subscription is available.

The SoundTraxx Music Library protects your studio from violating copyright music laws. It's just great music you can use in any way you choose!

For more info email or call 651 248-4600 anytime.

-Shawn Lee Farrell
The SoundTraxx Music Library

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Hey everyone.  

If anyone out there needs a sound designer for their game or a music score or even just some SFX. I'M YOUR GUY!! 

I'm a music producer/sound engineer. I have my own recording studio, so I'm also able to produce any voices and/or other recordings if necessary. Please check out some samples of music I have produced. 

I work mostly with musicians and artists, so my samples are not very game oriented. But try me out .... I can deal with all types of genres. YOU WON'T REGRET IT! 

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Hello, I'm Shawn Lee Farrell producer of The SoundTraxx Music Library. SoundTraxx Volume I is 100  FREE royalty-free multimedia production music soundtracks which can be used in your rich content software requiring soundtracks. I'm not giving away 100 music tracks because they are not very good, in fact I believe that if you give my SoundTraxx Music Library a listen you will want to use it in your productions and purchase future volumes of The SoundTraxx Music Library. SoundTraxx Music is the best value in quality production music tracks. Check it out & Thank You!

- Shawn Lee Farrell

Hey guys.  I wanted to make a place where Maryland Game Devs can come socialize and network.  Please feel free to invite your colleagues.
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