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Adventuresmith website:

Google Play:

Wiki - (instructions on creating your own generators, translations, and how to run the app without Android)

The new release has finished rolling out on Google Play. Changes include:

* Generators from +Diogo Nogueira's Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells Addendum: A gonzo monster generator, and lots of really fun between-adventure tables.

* And the return of some generators from Mike Riverso. He's on Patreon at Fourth Page Games -- he recently updated his 4th Page Monster generator for World of Dungeons. Check it out!

You can download Adventuresmith on Google or Amazon app store:

Google Play:


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Upcoming release will include the Monster generator from +Diogo Nogueira​​ Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells Addendum.

Things can get a little kooky. A levitating gator-torsoed unicellular bulldozer, covered in moose-mouths? Yes, please.
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The new release is rolling out now. My favorite thing about this release is how little work I put into it personally! :)

Thanks to +Caoimhe Ora Snow for her work on adding new generators for her RPG -- The Queen's Cavaliers.

Thanks to +Philippe Tartaise for his work on adding +Bastien Wauthoz's French translation of The Perilous Wilds.

Would you ever add dungeon world or apocalypse world resources on to Adventuresmith?

Facebook reminded me that it's been about a year since I started working on Adventuresmith. It's changed a lot from that initial version. Active installs are hovering around 10k, and reviews continue to be good.

The next release will be out soon, and represents a nice milestone -- I did a very very little of the work, it's all from contributors!

Thank you, everyone, for your enthusiasm and support!

The app's reached 10k installs on active devices!

Even better, reviews remain very good -- an average rating of 4.78 with 109 ratings! Wahoo!

I've pushed out a new release of Adventuresmith -- this update adds generators for Mutant: Year Zero and Coriolis: the Third Horizon.

Thanks to Fria Ligan for allowing the content to be added to the app!

The update should be rolling its way through the play store over the next day or so.

You can get Adventuresmith here:

Hi! I was playing around with this and encoding some content from my own game, The Queen's Cavaliers, which is available under CC licenses. It's fun so far!

... could you document a little about how the %[[ syntax ]]% is supposed to work? I've mostly figured it out but I am still confused.

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Question: I was thinking about adding content from Hill Cantons Compendium ( - specifically how they do background/chargen. (All the tables are OGL.) The one thing they do that I haven't seen before (which might not be all that unusual) is that each table result gives you an additional die for when you generate a specific stat. The results can also lead to rolling on subtables as well. Is all of that something that is already supported by the code (and thus I'd just need to make a data file) or would that require code changes as well?
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